Pairing Bluetooth headsets to Polycom phones.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Basic > Bluetooth Settings.
  2. Select Bluetooth then select On.The Bluetooth icon  is displayed in the status bar. After the icon displays, you can pair and connect your Bluetooth-enabled device.
  3. Turn your Bluetooth device on and place the device in Discovery mode.Refer to your Bluetooth device’s documentation for information on how to place your device in discovery mode.
  4. Return to Bluetooth Settings and select Manage Devices.
  5. Tap Scan to find your Bluetooth device.
  6. Select your headset in the scanned list in the Manage Devices screen.
  7. Tap Pair in the Available Devices screen to begin the pairing process.
  8. Select Connect to connect the paired device.The Bluetooth Headset icon  along with a message that the device is connected displays in the Manage Devices screen and in the status bar of the VVX phone

Note. Please see our compatibility chart if you are unsure about your headset.

Polycom VVX headset settings

Use these VVX phone settings for managing how headsets interact with your business calls: Headset memory: Choose to default all calls to your headset rather than going to your phone’s handset or speaker.

  • Go to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Headset Memory > Enable

Hookswitch: Enables you to answer or end calls by using a button on your headset, so you can control calls when you’re away from your phone.

  • Go to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Hookswitch Mode

If our compatibility chart did not provide enough information for you please click the link below for a in depth description about the phones you are using.