SARK SIP-to-SIP peering

You can use the built-in SailToSail or IAX2 trunks, but both of these will use the IAX protocol. If you are wanting to achieve this sibling trunking via SIP, you will need to use the “GeneralSIP” template when creating a trunk.

The steps below are the same for both systems, so follow them through once and then repeat the same process on the other system.

– Login to the SARK web interface
– End points > Trunks > Create new ([*] button on right) > GeneralSIP
– give the trunk a dummy number (I just used 0000 in my test)

– Configure the trunk to point to the URI/IP of the target system (sibling)
– Make up a username and password
– Press “Save”

– Go back to the trunks screen and now “edit” the new trunk
– Click on the “User” tab that appears on the next page
– Set the “Asterisk User” box to be the same as your chosen username above
– the asterisk config for this trunk can then be populated into the textbox below:
Where the secret is the same as the chosen password before.
Now commit your changes and do the same on the other system. With any luck, these should now be peering correctly. You may wish to check on the asterisk console `asterisk -rvvvv` and then `sip show peers`

Best of luck!