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Yealink – Adjusting the sending volume (outgoing volume) on the T2, T4 and T5 Series Phones

You may be getting reports from your customers saying that when they are on a call, the opposite party is telling them that their audio is too quiet, or maybe even too loud when they talk. Usually this isn’t a problem because the opposite party can adjust the volume of the person calling with their own phone, but what if the opposite party has already done that and it’s still too quiet or too loud?

If that is the case then you may be able to adjust three settings on the Yealink device. These can found on the web user interface by going to the ‘Features’ > ‘Audio’ page and adjusting the settings in the image below outlined in green.

An alternative way to think what these settings do is adjusting how sensitive the microphone is on the device. You can adjust the handset, headset and handsfree sensitivity to be weaker or stronger. The valid values are between -50 and 50. The higher the value, the louder it should be. The lower the value, the quieter it should be.

When adjusting this setting it is important to be cautious. Incorrectly configuring the value can have adverse effects on the audio quality so it’s advisable to gradually increase or decrease the value until you find the right spot.

If you control your own provisioning server and would like to configure this remotely you can use the provisioning parameters below:


Hopefully after adjusting these settings it resolves the issue and provides a better experience for the end-user and the opposite party on the calls.

For further technical assistance with your Yealink devices please contact our support team by emailing

Introducing the New Yealink MP56 Tailored for Teams IP phone

Get ready for the new Yealink Teams-tailored IP phone! The Yealink MP56 replaces the T56A and is designed to perfectly integrate with Microsoft Teams systems. With a dedicated Teams button, the MP56 delivers a feature-rich user experience that your clients Teams shouldn’t be without!

Key Features include:

  • Android 9 OS
  • 7 inch (800 x 480 pixel) capacitive touch screen
  • Supports Office 365, and upgradability of device applications to Teams or SFB
  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • Teams-tailored user interface
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.2 & Dual band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi

Find out more about the Teams professional MP56 or get in touch with one of our Yealink specialists to place your order today!

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How to Resolve Yealink RPSing

If you have recently factory reset a Yealink handset then you may see the following notifications on your devices screen. ‘input sn‘ on the first line (top left of the screen) or ‘RPSing’ on the account information on the web interface.

Yealink RPSing

In this blog, we will take you through a few short steps you can take to solve this issue and have your phones back up and running as soon as possible.

Step 1:

Click on the function key where ‘input sn‘ is located. You should then be presented with the following page:

Enter the last 5 digits of the serial number (Not the MAC address)

You get x5 attempts at entering the correct SN, if you enter the incorrect serial number you will get the following message:

Step 2:

Once you have entered the last 5 digits of the serial number the phone should then reset and boot up as normal.

Entering the serial number bounds the phone onto the Yealink RPS account.

If you run into any issues or would like more Yealink technical advice, please contact or call 01484 840048 option 2.

Level up your portfolio with ITSPA’s Highly commended Device of 2020

Still using the old T4 series? Why not upgraded to the T5 series? With reduced pricing across the T5 series you can now enchance your customers’ experience at no extra cost. Giving you access to a multitude of features such as touch screen, backlit colour screens as well as Teams compatibility, there is no better time to upgrade from the T4 series to the T5 series.

Still not convinced?

Take a look at how the T5 series stacks up against the T4.

Still need more convincing?

The Yealink T5 series was highly commended as the Best Device of 2020 in the ITSPA Awards.

Specifically the T58 with Camera was Highly Commended in the Best VoIP Device category at this year’s ITSPA Awards. An impressive device with many award winning features including Yealink’s Premium HD audio, compatibility with the CAM50 HD camera, 7” colour touch-screen and Microsoft Teams integration.

Find out more

Don’t think the T5 can get any better?

Purchase any 10 of the T5 series before 31/12/20 and receive a FREE* UH36 Binaural headset worth over £70!

Explore Yealink’s T5 Offer

Get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email to find out how to level up your Yealink Portfolio today!

ProVu’s 2020 Winter Offers

With Impressive offers from Yealink, Snom, Fanvil & Sangoma you won’t want to miss your chance to make the most of these exciting deals. But hurry all these offers end 31st December.

Speakerphone Incentive

Take advantage of our Yealink Speakerphone offer! Purchase any 10 speakerphones from Yealink’s range to qualify and receive a rebate of $5 per device. Not to mention that for every device you purchase over your first 10 you will also receive a $5 rebate too! Available until 31st December 2020, simply purchase any of Yealink’s Speakerphone range to start earning your rewards*.


Find out more

Fanvil Work from Home bundle

Claim a FREE WF20 USB WiFi dongle and PSU with the purchase of every X6U. This exciting new Bundle offers you the X6U enterprise IP phone with all the added extras that will help improve your home work station. Benefit from the added bonus of the WF20 USB Dongle to enable the increased connectability as well as a PSU to keep your X6U powered at home. Available until the 31st December, you don’t want to miss out on this incredible offer saving you over £18!


Find out more about the Fanvil Winter Bundle

Yealink Winter Promotion

Get your FREE UH36 Binaural headset worth over £70 when you purchase any 10 devices from the Yealink T5 Series. Available until the 31st December, make the most of this incredible offer this winter season. Even better there is reduced pricing across the Yealink T5 Range, so you can’t go wrong with this amazing offer! Order your T5’s today!


Get more info on Yealinks Winter Promotion

Sangoma Free installation promotion

Have you ever used Sangoma before? No? Well now might be a great time to start! As we head to the end of the year and premises are currently quieter than normal, why not get a head start and install some new equipment & upgrade legacy systems to get off on the right foot for 2021. Available until the 31st December purchase any of Sangoma’s Vega Gateways with ProVu and receive FREE remote installation worth up to £250!


Find out more about to get your Free Installation

Snom Hands Free Promotion

Snom’s Hands Free promotion is coming to an end, but there is still time to take advantage of this offer. Until the 31st of December, a white Snom D717, D735 or a D785 and receive your choice of a free A100M or A100D headset! What’s more, make the most of Snom’s extended partner program rebates. Where you can enjoy rebates of up to 40% across some of Snom’s most popular devices.


Explore Snom’s Hands Free & Partner Rebates

Draytek FREE provisioning & management

New Draytek customers can benefit from FREE provisioning on your first router purchase with ProVu. Available on any of the 2620Ln, 2762, 2832 and 2862 series, you can now experience the truly seamless experience that comes with our TR-069 router provisioning. Simply set up your customised provisioning template with your preferred settings and receive your router direct to site ready to plug & play! What’s more, new customers are also eligible to receive 1 Year FREE router management, giving you the ability to remotely edit router settings and firmware.


Find out more about DrayTek routers

For those interested in finding out more about Yealink’s latest products why not take advantage of our NFR offers and test them out for yourself. Available one of each model per company, you can select any of the following models at a significantly lower price:

  • T30P available until 31/12/20
  • T31G available until 31/12/20
  • T33G available until 31/12/20
  • W59R available until 31/12/20
  • UH36 Mono available until 31/12/20
  • UH36 Dual available until 31/12/20

For more information please get in touch. Call 01484 840048 or email to speak with a member of our team.

*Offer based on monthly purchase rates; numbers will be reset at the beginning of every month. Rebates will be based on number of speakerphones purchased from ProVu. Offer requires a minimum of 10 speakerphones to be purchased within one month. For every additional unit purchased after the first 10, you will earn a rebate of $5 per device. For example resellers who purchase 55 speakerphones in one month will be eligible for a rebate of $275 (55x$5). Rebate payments will be made by ProVu Communications on a quarterly basis.

**Terms & conditions apply, free remote installation only available to customers who have never purchased a Sangoma Vega Gateway.

Get your FREE UH36 headset with Yealink’s Winter Promotion

Kicking off the festive season, we have teamed up with Yealink to bring you an exciting Christmas promotion. Purchase any 10 devices from the Yealink T5 series and receive a FREE* UH36 Binaural headset worth over £70! Take advantage of this incredible offer from the 1st December until the 31st December.

Explore our range of Yealink T5 series and find the best for you!

Get in touch Explore the Yealink Range
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Sign up today to join our Yealink Partner Program and enjoy added benefits like rebates and special project support pricing!

Join our Partner Program

Get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email to find out how to level up your Yealink Portfolio today!

Offer Terms & Conditions
1. Orders are to be placed in sets of 10 to claim free UH36 headset. E.g 1 order of 10 will be eligible, however 5 orders of 2 will not be eligible.
2. Offer is available from the 1st December until 31st December
3. This offer has no limited to the number of times it may be used as long as it meets the requirements. e.g 1 order of 50 phones can claim 5 free UH36 headsets
4. Products can be sent to different address if resellers wish you keep the Headsets, however shipping charges will apply to each address

Yealink’s Project Support Update

Yealink - COVID-19 Project Pricing Support

Yealink has extended their project support program until the end of December 2020. As we head back into a second lockdown, the effects are being felt across every industry sector. Yealink would like to show their support by offering up to a 8% discount on registered projects. All projects of 50+ devices are eligible for 1 – 4% discount. In appreciation for our exceptional key workers, projects involving essential sectors are also eligible to receive an additional 2% discount. Projects will be need to registered with ProVu to qualify for the discount.

Sectors Eligible for Additional Discounts include:

  • Health & Social Care
  • Education


QTY pcs Price Discount If over 50% are T5/T3/MC products Extra discount for Education & Healthcare Total discount
50-100 1% 2% 2% 5%
101-500 2% 2% 2% 6%
501-1000 3% 2% 2% 7%
1001+ 4% 2% 2% 8%

Call our sales team on 01484 840048 or email to register your project and access Yealink pricing support.

Explore the Yealink Range

Register your Project

*Additional discounts on T5 projects available until 31st December 2020.

**Essential sector additional discount available until 30th December 2020.

New Rugged Yealink W59R

Introducing the Yealink W59R ruggedised Handset! This durable handset is perfect for use in the harshest of work environments. With it’s IP67 rating, the W59R is ideal for warehouse, security and construction use as it is both shock and water resistant.

Shock, dust & water resistant

The W59R is a well rounded mobile companion with an IP rating of 67 and long-life lithium battery, the W59R can be reliable even in the most complicated and harsh working environments. With a tough rubberised surface to protect the W59R from slipping & scratching it is perfect for construction sites, factories, warehouse & security.

Freely mobile communication

Fully compatible with Yealink W80 Multi-Cell system & W60 Base station. Allowing the user to have a seamless roaming and handover of calls. Also the W59R features compatibility with Bluetooth headsets and comes with a belt clip, giving users a hands free solution. Meanwhile, the vibration alarm prevents users from missing calls in noisy locations.

Worthy of reliance

With an array of programmable alarms, the W59R includes a push-button alarm, no-movement alarm, man-down alarm and running alarm, aiming to minimise safety risks. With the ability to configure different types of alarm for different members and emergency calls to be sent automatically once an emergency occurs, the W59R offers users a safe and easy to use solution to keep users protected in the workplace.

Free from distraction and interruption

The W59R features the very best in Yealink’s leading audio technologies. Combining FNR (Flexible Noise Reduction), LC3 (Low Complexity Communication Codec) Plus, full duplex and Opus, the W59R can maintain a stable and high quality audio experience even in noisy work environments.

Yealink W59R Ruggedised DECT Handset

Design Ruggedised and robust
Protection class IP67
Simultaneous voice calls 2
Standby time 360h (200 hours with Bluetooth headset)
Talk time 28h (18 hours with Bluetooth headset)
Battery 1460mAh Lithium
Headset Bluetooth
Indoor range/Outdoor range 50m/300m
DECT standard CAT-iq2.0
Alarm function
3-way conferencing
Speed dial

Want to know more?

Contact the ProVu sales team on 01484 840048 or email find out more.

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Yealink T41P, T42G, T46G & T48G ‘End of Life’ Notice

Yealink T41P, T42G T46G & T48G End of Life

We have been informed by Yealink that the T41P, T42G, T46G and T48G are now end of life and are no longer available to purchase. These products will continue to be covered under Yealink’s warranty until 31/03/2021.

These devices will now be replaced by the T41S, T42S, T46S and the T48S which offer additional functionalities and advanced technology.

Here’s a list of the differences between the Yealink T4 and newer T4S Series

If you have any queries or would like to discuss how these changes may affect any projects you are working on, please call the sales team on: 01484 840048 or you can email:

The Brand NEW T3 Series from Yealink

New Yealink T3 Series Desk phones

Introducing the newest series from Yealink, the T3 series. Featuring a new more powerful chip than its predecessors, the Yealink T3 series provides a stronger computing ability ready to support a smoother user experience. Keeping pace with the multitude of business demands, the T3 series come with built-in PoE and superb HD sound quality.

Yealink T30P

The first tier in the T3 series is the T30P. Designed to support small office environments, the T30P features a generous 132×64 pixel LCD screen, local 5-way conferencing and support a new EHS adaptor (coming soon) enabling you to connect Wireless Headsets.

Yealink T31G

Positioned in the middle of the T3 series, the T31 hosts additional features on top of the T30P. Supporting up to 2 SIP accounts and Gigabit connection.

Yealink T33G

The T33 sits at the top of the T3 series, with a sleek modern design and building on the strengths of the T3 series, the T33 offers users a large 320×240 pixel colour backlit screen. Maximising the users’ visual experience and improving productivity. With support for up to 4 SIP accounts and 5-way conferencing, the T33 is perfect for both small and large office environments.

Out with the old, in with the New

Improving on existing models, the T3 series will replace the T19P, T21P and T23G with superior computing power and advanced features such as IPv6 support and smart noise cancelling. All housed in a updated modern design that will fit right at home on any desk.

Yealink T3 Series NFR Offer

As the latest devices to join Yealink’s IP desk phone range, ProVu resellers can purchase, one per company, the following devices at a significantly reduced price.




To place your order, please call 01484 840048 or email