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How to Select the Best Yealink Wireless Headset

In case you missed it, Yealink has recently launched the WH6X Series, these multi functional wireless headsets are an incredible addition to any office environment. But how do you decide?

Which Yealink device is right for me?

The WH6X series offers you a multitude of functions from noise cancelling in a busy office environment, to giving a visual indication of being on a call via the built in busy light, and even call management via an intuitive touch screen. What’s more all the headsets are compatible with Microsoft Teams!

The Yealink WH6X series offers something for everyone. Whether that be the well connected home working nomad or the in and out of office, on the go business professional.

WH62 WH66 WH67

Yealink WH6X Series

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Introducing the new Yealink T4U series

Brand new from Yealink! Introducing the newly launched T4U series. Offering an additional option to the T5 series, this new range provide an alternative replacement for the Yealink T4S series. We are offering you an exclusive NFR offer to try out these new devices for yourself at a significantly reduced price*.

Featuring dual USB ports, OPUS Codec support and improved audio quality, the new T4U series take all the physical features users have become familiar with in the T4 series with an enhanced experience. What’s more, there’s a new expansion module to add even more flexibility. The new EXP43 can be used alongside all T4U handsets (minus the T42U) and simply connects by USB.

T4U replaces the T4S series









NFR Offers

Take advantage of significantly reduced prices on these incredible Yealink devices. Including the newly launched T4U series as well as the latest W73P DECT handset.













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*NFR offer excludes the T42U

Register your FREE place for Yealink’s Global Virtual Roadshow 2021!

Get ready for the next part of Yealink’s Global Virtual Roadshow 2021, where Yealink will be joined by Microsoft Teams Specialist, Mohammed Khalifa. Throughout the event, Yealink will be discussing the trends of communication and collaboration under the new hybrid working phase, as well as exploring how to tackle the challenges of the future of work.

Going live on Monday 6th September, you won’t want to miss out. Register for your FREE place today!

What you will learn:

  • Global trends about video conferencing and personal collaboration in hybrid working
  • Insightful opinions from Microsoft & Yealink about the hybrid workplace meeting experience
  • Team and individual challenges in hybrid working
  • Microsoft & Yealink Teams Room Solutions to meet your needs
  • Product introductions from both commercial and technical perspectives
  • Product demos and real-time Q&A
  • A chance to win one of Yealink’s latest products

Yealink X Microsoft Global Virtual Roadshow 2021 – UK&I

Monday, 6th Sept, 2021 | 10:00 AM GMT+1

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Yealink Commercial & Technical Session – UK&I

Wednesday, 15th Sept, 2021 | 10:00 AM GMT+1

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Get your excusive NFR offer with the NEW Yealink W73P!

Discover the next generation in DECT solutions with the Yealink W73P! An advanced, modern single cell DECT solution made up of the W73H Handset and the W73B Base station. Ideal for small and medium sized businesses that are looking to increase their communication flexibility and mobility. The newly designed W73H handsets are built to be comfortable in hand and small enough to be carried on person with a handy belt clip. Making the W73P bundle perfect for the on the go worker with an impressive 50m indoors and up to 300m outdoors, including a integrated alarm button and extended battery life.

Key Features include:

  • Supports up to 10 DECT cordless handsets
  • Supports up to 20 simultaneous calls (2 calls per handset)
  • Compatible with the W73H, W76H, W59R, CP935W, DDPhone (T54W + DD10K) additional handsets
  • Increase range with up to 6 DECT repeaters per base station
  • Up to 35-hour talk time
  • Handset range: 50 metres indoor, 300 metres outdoor
NFR Offer

What’s more you can now try out the W73P for yourself with our exclusive NFR discount!* Order today and try out Yealink’s latest DECT solution.

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*NFR offer limited to one per company, available until the end of September 2021

Yealink’s Super 2 Incentive

Along with the many other amazing Yealink offers this summer, we are excited to share with you the Yealink Super 2% Incentive!

Take advantage of a 2% rebate on your whole order. Simply purchase any quantity of selected Yealink devices as well as at least 5 Yealink headsets and receive your 2% rebate!

The available headsets include:




Yealink’s latest Headsets offer fast and easy connection with USB plug-and-play options, reducing cable clutter on users desks. What’s more with additional features like call management direct from the headset and an active busy light, users can stay productive and flexilble with their day to day.

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*Eligible products include:

  • SIP: T3/T4S/T4U/T5/DECT (single cell & multi cell)/CP920/CP930W/CP960
  • Personal Devices: CP700 Series/CP900 Series/UVC20/UVC30/UH3X Series/WH6X Series
  • Microsoft: MP Series/T Series/CP960-TEAMS/SFB/A Series/MVC Series/ZVC Series/UVC Cam Series

Orders must include at least one of the above devices plus 5 headsets to be eligible. 2% rebate will be paid in one payment after the promotion ends on 31st September 2021.

Yealink Business Headsets Webinar: Discovering the Portfolio

ProVu - Yealink Webinar - August 2021

With many companies adopting the hybrid working approach, headsets are a vital component in ensuring optimal audio quality. Whether you’re looking for a simple solution with noise cancelling technology or are looking to offer an intuitive all in one solution which enables users to control meetings and calls across multiple devices, Yealink’s Business Headsets have you covered.

Join us on Thursday 19th August at 11 am when our Head of Sales, Anna Maria Marzec-Smith will be taking you through the entire Yealink Business Headset portfolio, equipping you with the knowledge to better understand and sell the devices available.

Webinar Topics will include:

  • USB wired headsets
  • RJ/QD wired headsets
  • DECT wireless headsets
  • Yealink’s Super 2 Incentive

Find Out More & Register

Get exclusive NFR pricing on Yealink’s latest Headsets!

ProVu & Yealink have put together an exclusive NFR offer on the newly released Yealink Teams headsets. Boost your team’s productivity with dedicated Teams solutions, featuring a built-in Microsoft Teams button, as well as the crystal clear audio which comes with all of Yealink’s great headsets.

Yealink WH Series NFR Offer

Explore the latest devices to join Yealink’s Headset range, ProVu resellers can purchase one of each of the following devices at a significantly reduced price until the end of September 2021.






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Yealink & 3CX – What’s Compatible?

Yealink have always invested in the compatibility of their devices with popular platforms, most recently with the development of their Microsoft Teams range. But did you know, many of Yealink’s devices are also certified for use with 3CX?

3CX is a software-based IP phone system that works with SIP based IP phones, SIP trunks and VoIP Gateways to provide a full PBX solution. With support for 4 to 1024 simultaneous calls, users of 3CX can benefit from:

Competitive Pricing
Flexibility: Choose and control your own phone numbers, SIP trunk, cloud provider and hardware
Deploy anywhere: install on-premise on Raspberry Pi or virtualise on your existing system
Easy to manage from an intuitive user-friendly dashboard
Mobility: Work from anywhere
Enjoy advanced customer service functions including CRM integration, Agent training tools and online chat

Explore more about 3CX

Which Yealink devices can I use with 3CX?

It’s probably better to say which devices aren’t yet certified! The majority of Yealink’s portfolio can be used with 3CX.

Compatible Yealink Devices
T19P T21P
T23P T23G
T27P T27G
T29G T40P
T41P T42G
T46G T48G
T49G T40G
T41S T42S
T46S T48S
T52S T54S
T56A T58A
T58V CP960
CP920 (pending) W52P

Provisioning Yealink Phone with 3CX

There are several methods to provision your devices. More information on configuring your Yealink phones with 3CX can be found on 3CX’s website.

Find out more about connecting Yealink Devices to 3CX

ProVu – Your One Stop Shop

As key distributors for both Yealink and 3CX, we make it easy for you to streamline your orders. To order your devices and 3CX licenses simply call 01484 840048 or email

Join the Upcoming Yealink Global Virtual Roadshow!

Join Yealink for the upcoming Yealink Global Customer Roadshow 2021 on the 24th June. When they will be joined by Microsoft to discuss the trend of communication and collaboration in the hybrid workplace. Together, Yealink and Microsoft will explore the challenges businesses might face with the future of work.

What you will learn:

  • Global trends about video conferencing and personal collaboration in hybrid workplaces
  • Insightful opinions from Microsoft & Yealink about hybrid workplace meeting experiences
  • Team and individual challenges in hybrid working
  • Microsoft & Yealink Teams Room Solutions to meet your needs
  • Microsoft & Yealink long-term partnership and product roadmap
  • Real-time Q&A
  • A chance to win one of Yealink’s latest products

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Yealink Teams – How to setup a screen lock

If desired on your Yealink Teams phone you can set a screen lock to prevent unauthorized people from making changes to your device, scheduled meetings or prevent them from making outbound calls. When the screen is locked you can still answer incoming calls.

Step 1 – Press your account icon in the top right hand corner where it shows your account’s presence status

Step 2 – Select ‘Settings’

Step 3 – On the settings page scroll down and select ‘Device Settings’

Step 4 – On the ‘device settings’ page find ‘Phone Lock’ and move ‘Lock Enable’ to the ‘ON’ position. Once you have done that enter a PIN with the minimum length of 6 digits, and then enter the digits again to confirm them. You may also wish to decrease the idle time-out to something less that 15 minutes as there’s no way to manually lock the device.

Step 5 – When your phone screen locks it should change to the one shown in the image below, press the padlock icon and enter your pin to unlock to the device.

If you would like to disable screen lock, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Device Settings’ and change ‘Phone Lock’ to disabled. If your device is forcibly being set with a screen lock you must speak to your system administrator about getting it disabled.

If you have purchased your Yealink Team’s devices from ProVu and you are having difficulty with this blog post, or anything else related to your device please send an email to explaining your issue.