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Win New Opportunities with Softphone Flexibility

Win more business with softphone agility!

Imagine if you could create an additional revenue stream with little effort. With Bria Enterprise you can! Powered by a multi-tenant management platform designed with channel resellers like you in mind, Bria Enterprise offers you the ability to equip your reseller partners with the system and products to easily offer Bria softphone licences to their customer base. Giving them the ability to maintain their own customer’s licenses. Helping you to tap into new markets through your resellers without having to do a thing!

Don’t miss out on winning new business with Bria Enterprise or expanding your offering to existing customers who need improved agility and flexibility in their deployments.

Speak with a member of our team today to find out more and get started on tapping into that new customer base!

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Speak with us today to discover how we can help you to:

  • Increase your customer base through your reseller partners
  • Benefit from an additional revenue
  • Enhance your product offering

All with minimal effort and resources!

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Try CounterPath Yourself, With Our Trial Licences!

Want to get started? Why not try out CounterPath Bria for free for 2 weeks. This is your chance to explore its extensive feature set, including voice and messaging, and see how it can transform the way you communicate.

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Ready to Elevate Your Communication?

  • Request Your Trial: Simply get in touch with our dedicated team, and we’ll set you up with your FREE trial licences.
  • Personalised Demos: If you’d like a guided tour, we’ll be more than happy to arrange a demo at your convenience.

Speak with our team today about getting started with CounterPath’s Sub-Reseller solution. Our expert team are ready to assist and advise on the best options available to you. Call 01484 840048 or email to get started.

Experience Bria’s Power: Free 2-Week Trial

Are you ready to experience a revolution in communication? We are excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to explore CounterPath Bria, a game-changing unified communication solution, absolutely FREE with our trial licences!

Why Choose CounterPath Bria?

  • Seamless Communication: CounterPath Bria offers a unified communication experience like no other. With voice, presence, and messaging all rolled into one, it simplifies your interactions.
  • Flexible and Reliable: Whether users are at the office, working from home, or on the move, Bria ensures users stay connected, ensuring a team’s productivity remains at its peak.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Bria’s intuitive interface ensures a smooth experience for all users, from tech-savvy professionals, to technophobes, Bria offers a simple to use interface which is easy to install and use.

What Can You Expect from Our Trial Licences?

Our FREE trial license grants you full access to CounterPath Bria for two weeks. This is your chance to explore its extensive feature set, including voice and messaging, and see how it can transform the way you communicate.

Unsure where to start or want a guided tour? No problem! Our team are here to assist. We offer personalised demos to help you get acquainted with Counterpath Bria and its capabilities.

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Ready to Elevate Your Communication?

  • Request Your Trial: Simply get in touch with our dedicated team, and we’ll set you up with your FREE trial licences.
  • Personalised Demos: If you’d like a guided tour, we’ll be more than happy to arrange a demo at your convenience.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to experience the future of unified communication. Elevate your communication, improve collaboration, and boost productivity with CounterPath Bria.

Reach out to us today at 01848 840048 or email to request your trial or schedule a demo. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Discover CounterPath: Redefining Communication, Once Again!

You may already be familiar with CounterPath, perhaps you’re even utilising it already. For those who haven’t yet explored this incredible software, allow us to introduce CounterPath Bria Enterprise—a revolutionary solution that delivers a seamless unified communications experience across both fixed and mobile networks. It ensures uninterrupted connectivity across desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, keeping you connected no matter where you are.

In today’s ever-evolving work landscape, where remote and mobile workforces are the new norm, the need for seamless and feature-rich communication has never been more critical. CounterPath Bria Enterprise is designed to empower your team and revolutionise the way you connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Here’s why Counterpath is a game-changer:

Streamlined Remote Configuration:

Manage your soft-phone clients effortlessly through a secure cloud-managed system, without the need to access your customer’s systems. This level of convenience streamlines your operations and minimises disruptions.

Feature-Rich Communications:

Boasting an extensive feature set that includes not only G729 audio codec but also a host of new features tailored to your needs, including Call Transfer, Forward, Hold, Click-to-Dial, Auto-answer, and Call Recording, empowering teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Enhanced Contact Management:

Empower your customers to visualise all of their contacts in one central directory, complete with real-time availability status. This feature enables users to see who is currently online, on the phone, or available for call transfers, helping teams to connect at the right moment.

User-Centric Interface:

Counterpath’s push notification support ensures that teams never miss an important call or message. Users can stay connected and responsive, even when on the move with direct-to-mobile messages.

Historical Insights and Seamless Contacts:

Keeping tabs on communication history is simple with the comprehensive call history feature. Additionally, the contact sync functionality ensures contact information is always up to date.

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Subscription Options

Getting started is a breeze, select the licenses that align with your customer’s requirements and issue their team members each with a unique login credential. CounterPath Bria Enterprise will give them a managed solution so they can equip their team to communicate effectively and efficiently, no matter where they are, ensuring that their operations run smoothly.

Annual Monthly
1 Annual Payment
12 month contract
Monthly Payments
1 month rolling contract

Embark on a new era of unified communications excellence with CounterPath Bria Enterprise. Should you have any questions or want to discuss on how this redefined solution can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team on 01848 840048 or email

The ProVu Team

*Costs may vary due to exchange rate.

New Year, New Products

There is no doubt that last year was a tough one and while it doesn’t look like 2021 will let up yet, we are starting to see the wood for the trees and are beginning to get a handle on the interesting climate 2020 has left us in.

So why not move into 2021 by expanding your current portfolio with some new ranges to offer your customers. Create new streams of revenue with incredible brands such as 2N, Algo, 3CX, Counterpath, DrayTek, Dialogic and Sangoma.

Expand your portfolio


Powerful compact IP intercoms with customisable units. 2N’s door entry intercoms and Access Control units offer the very best in building control. From external weatherproof & shock resistant IP Force intercoms to the adaptable and fully customisable Verso, 2N’s units offer you advanced functionality with intuitive design.

Explore the 2N range


Advanced alerters and speakers designed to integrate into office, retail and warehouse spaces alike. With high quality audio Algo’s range opens up a new opportunity to add visual and audio alerting to your IP solutions.

Explore the Algo range


Offering you a range of provisionable softphone licences combining video, presence and messaging Counterpath provides your customers a true unified communications experience across fixed & mobile networks. With extensive features and compatibility across many platforms such as Apple, Windows and Android there is no better way to bring your clients teams together. As a added bonus Counterpath offers full support for HD video, G729 audio codec and Microsoft Outlook integration as standard.

Explore CounterPath


Providing a full PBX solution, 3CX creates a complete set of unified communications features with easy to use installation, management and maintenance of your customers’ companies phone systems. With support for 4 to 1024 simultaneous calls and a variation of editions to chose from, your customers are able to create a scalable and cost effective PBX solution that can grow with their business.

Explore 3CX


Whether your clients need to extend their range, require a clearer connection, or maybe just want to add security to a busy network. DrayTek offers your customers all of this and more. With a host of incredible products from routers, access points and switches, DrayTeks advanced products give your customers the very best in web managed networks.

Explore the DrayTek range


New to our own portfolio, Dialogic offers customers a range of high end enterprise media gateways and voice cards which can upgrade existing PBX systems into VoIP allowing you and your customers to save the hassle of purchasing and installing a new system.

Explore the Dialogic range


With the ISDN switch off now even closer, 2021 is the opportune time to ensure your customers are prepared. Sangoma’s gateway and SBC range provide an optimal solution for those who will need to upgrade their systems without the associated cost. Find out more today about how you can use these intelligent devices to upgrade existing analogue systems to VoIP.

Explore the Sangoma range


Take advantage of our extensive headset range from brands such as Yealink, Snom, Cisco, Sangoma, Senheiser/EPOS, Plantronics, Jabra, VTech, Eartec and Fanvil. With a variation of either monaural or binaural, headset or ear piece there is a style for everyone. Expand your headset collection for your clients.

Explore our headset range

With a refreshed outlook on this coming year, we can agree that everyone is looking for something new to grow their business, so why not offer a new range to your customers and expand your opportunities in 2021.

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For assistance with putting together your solutions or to discuss any additional hardware you may require with a member of our team simply call 01484 840048 or email

How to add BLF/presence on CounterPath Bria Stretto

Did you know you can get BLF (busy lamp fields) on your Bria softphone client, if not here is how to set this up:

Step 1:

On the Bria Stretto client go to > Contacts > Buddies > press the plus button to add a new buddy.

Step 2:

Config the buddy with the relevant SIP credentials and make sure to select softphone from the drop down list as per the screen shots below:

Now that all the configuration has been entered click the Tick at the top right of the page to save.

Once these steps have been completed you should be able to see when your colleagues are not available or on the phone etc…

If you have any further CounterPath technical queries please feel free to contact support on 01484 840048 option 2 or email

Bria Enterprise – iOS Version 14 (503/408 – Registration Error)

Please note this does not affect android devices.

We have been getting a few reports of users who have been using the Bria Enterprise application without any issues. However, once the iOS device is upgraded to version 14, users have been experiencing 503 and 408 errors relating to the SIP account registering.

This appears to be due to an iOS setting and not the Bria application. If you are experiencing this issue please check that ‘Local Network’ has been enabled. This can be checked on the iOS device by going to:

Settings > Privacy > Local Network > Enable

If you are still experiencing issues after enabling this setting. Please proceed to generate an application support log as shown in this blog post.

Succeeding at home with CounterPath

With the added measures many organisations are taking in order to enable their employees to work from home, one critical aspect seems to have been overlooked: how do employees maximise productivity and efficiency while working from home?

We’d like to take a look at a few simple steps we can all take to make working from home more successful. Here are our top 8 tips:

1. Set up a comfortable work station

Working from home involves more than setting up a desk and a computer. Take the time to think critically about what you, in particular, need at your work station (it varies person to person) to maximise your daily productivity. Maybe it’s a specific headset like the Snom A100m, an external mouse, a favourite, comfy chair. Whatever it might be, keep the things you use most often close to you, to avoid unnecessary interruptions to your workflow.

2. Take frequent breaks

Vast amounts of research shows that being sedentary for too long is bad for your health. Whether it’s alternating between sitting and standing, taking a break to load the dishwasher or do a few pushups, prioritise physical activity throughout your work day.

Going for a walk in nature can revitalise your senses, clear your mind and allow you to return to work feeling refreshed. It’s better for you in the long run and can help break up the monotony of sitting at your desk.

3. Set office hours and avoid distractions

Depending on where you and the rest of your team are located, chances are you might be dealing with different timezone. For this reason, it’s a good idea to set your office hours and let people know when they can expect you to be available and when they can’t.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to make necessary calls during regular business hours, when the majority of your team is available, saving administrative tasks for later in the day.

Avoiding unnecessary distractions is also key to being productive while working from home. Although it might seem counter intuitive, multi-tasking isn’t as efficient as most people think. Ultimately, it’s better to focus on one task at a time to accomplish your goals.

4. Invest in a superior Unified Communications (UC) solution

CounterPath’s Bria Enterprise softphone solutions streamlines work communications and lets users easily connect, communicate, and collaborate. Bria includes features such as HD voice and video calling support calling, when integrated with a business’ call server (PBX) or VoIP service.

A Bria Enterprise solution enables your teams to take their business number with them, regardless of where they are and which device they are using, and also provides additional tools to easily share a presentation on their screen, and meet face to face on video calls.

5. Check in with direct reports or managers regularly

Just because you aren’t in the same office doesn’t mean you can’t be present with one another. Maintaining a good corporate culture is all about checking in often. This is a great way to show support and encourage accountability. This can be done through email, team messaging, and voice and video conferencing.

Video conferencing, in particular, is an effective and easy way to add a personal touch to your daily communications. Since the majority of human communication involves nonverbal cues, video can help avoid potential miscommunications.

Just because you aren’t in the same office doesn’t mean you can’t be present with one another. Developing a good corporate culture is all about checking in often. This is a great way to show support and encourage accountability. This can be done through email, messaging, and voice and video conferencing. Video conferencing, in particular, is an effective and easy way to add a personal touch to your daily communications. Since the majority of human communication involves nonverbal cues, video can help avoid potential miscommunications.

In order to help businesses seeking video conferencing and teleworking solutions during the COVID-19 outbreak, Bria Enterprise can support video conferencing and virtual meeting room services in its Business Bundle package.

6. Add a second monitor to your workstation

Adding a second screen is particularly useful when collaborating on a document and simultaneously hosting a video conference or screen sharing session. Two screens allows you to look at multiple documents or windows without constantly going back and forth between them, saving both time and energy.

7. Prioritise deliverables

When teams can’t physically be in the same space, a shift in perspective must occur in order to measure success. Focusing on goals, deliverable and quality of work output must become paramount when assessing remote workers’ performance. Staying productive is while working remotely is crucial to maintaining business continuity, especially during uncertain times. Making sure your employees know exactly what their daily deliverables are and holding them accountable will ensure remote working success for all involved.

8. Sit near a window with a nice view

Working near a window that overlooks a view is another pro tip. When you’re taking breaks from staring at your screen, it’s ideal if you have something visually appealing to look at instead of a blank wall.

Apart from offering a view of something else, sitting near a window has added benefits because it invites more light into your work space. A well-lit room is crucial if you’re working from home and frequently hosting video conferences. Studies have shown that not getting enough sunlight exposure can decrease your serotonin levels, leading to a higher risk of developing major depression. So when you’re setting up your work area, find a place that is close to a window that lets in plenty of natural light.

These are undoubtedly unprecedented times for us all, but we are here to support you and with many items available for next day delivery, you and your customers can be up and running in no time.

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WFH Solutions Up & Running in no time

Following the Prime Minister’s broadcast yesterday evening we know there will be an unparalleled demand for work from home solutions. We take our role as a distributor very seriously and would like to reassure our partners that our warehouse is continuing to operate as normal.

To help maintain efficiency in the workplace, we have a number of solutions to enable your employees and customers to be up and running as soon as possible. Regardless of your order size, whether it’s for 15 or 100 items, we can split the order and ship to as many addresses as you may need.


For an instant solution, CounterPath can be sent ready to download and use automatically. With all user settings already provisioned, users can immediately access call, video and collaboration features on their mobiles, computers and laptops.

Explore CounterPath

Provisioned Hardware

Hardware such as IP desk phones and routers can be shipped direct to home workers’ addresses provisioned and ready to plug and play. These devices can then be remotely managed through our online portal, ProSys.

Find out more about Plug & Play

Additional Work from Home Essentials:


Personal Speakers

4G Routers

Contact our specialists today

6 Essentials for Remote Working

With an estimated 20 million people in the UK set to be working from home, we are here to support you in ensuring these workers are set up as soon as possible. Together with the resilient cloud solutions now available, we can ensure comms efficiency is maintained across all businesses.

While everyone’s set up will differ, we’ve put together what we think are the most important product sets to keep in mind when assessing your customers’ needs.

PSU/PoE Injector/ Switch

Power Supplies

For those utilising a VoIP phone outside of the office, additional power supplies, PoE injectors or switches may be needed for devices to function, get in touch to discuss what is needed for your solution.

Softphones & Licenses

Softphones & Licenses

Both CounterPath and 3CX offer apps and remote working functionalities as part of their offering. For easy collaboration and conferencing, these licenses can be a fast resolution for those who don’t already have cloud/hosted services in place.



Whether being used with a desk phone or computer/laptop, headsets help to ensure call quality is of optimum clarity. Available with a range of connectivity, we have USB, Bluetooth and long range DECT headsets readily available.

Personal Speakers

Personal Speaker Phones

Products such as the Konftel Ego, Yealink CP900 and Sennheiser | EPOS Speakerphones are excellent personal devices. Simply connect to a compatible desk phone, computer or mobile device to join a conference call with optimal audio and voice quality.

Desk Phones

Desk Phones

Many users are accustomed to using a desk phone, maintaining the same set up at home can be a great way to create some level of normality to workers who are new to home working.

We have the ability to provision the majority of the desk phones we supply, these devices can then be remotely managed from your desk.

WiFi & Cordless phones

WiFi & DECT Phones

For those who don’t have the ability to connect a phone via a network cable, we also have a range of WiFi and DECT handsets available. Users have the option to select either cordless or desktop models to suit their preferred method of working.

With many items now in stock and available for fast delivery, simply contact our team today to discuss your home working requirements.

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Bria Stretto – Generating Support Logs for an Apple Device

Note: Although this guide was created for Bria Stretto, it is still applicable to Bria Enterprise.

If you have contacted our support team regarding an issue with CounterPath’s Bria Stretto application we may require some logs from your application that you will need to generate.

This blog post should act as a rough guide on how to obtain the log as it may vary slightly depending on the application version and also the make and model of your device.

Step 1 – Open the Bria Stretto application and replicate the fault

Step 2 – Once the fault has been replicated press the ‘Cog’ icon. (Highlighted in the image below)

Step 3 – Once the new page loads, select ‘Advanced Settings’ (Highlighted in the image below)

Step 4 – Once the next page loads, scroll down until you reach ‘Application Logging’ and press ‘Send Log’. Don’t press ‘Call Statistics’. (Highlighted in the image below)

Step 5 – Once you press ‘Send Log’ it will display the image below. Once you are on this page press ‘Yes’ to generate the log

Step 6 – After the log has been generated and sent to CounterPath’s server it will display something similar to the image below with a ‘Log Reference’. (It is Important to make a note of this reference)

Step 7 – Contact us with the log reference and the user account this log belongs to so we can find it on the CounterPath Portal.

Important: You need to contact us once the log has been generated as they don’t stay on the portal for long.

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