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Analogue intercoms: the end of the line

Unlock the benefits of IP technology

By the end of 2025, BT will have switched entirely to VoIP technology – migrating your customer’s intercom system from old analogue lines to a new IP infrastructure should be your number one priority.

We all know the switch-off doesn’t need to be feared – IP technology will open up a whole world of convenience and security for your customers. The first step in changing? Choose the right access control provider!

2N invented the world’s first IP intercom in 2008 – and they’ve kept setting industry standards for IP technology ever since: developing a range of versatile, premium IP devices such as luxury display intercoms, robust anti-vandal intercoms, and sleek single-button intercoms for residential homes.

Get Switch Off Ready with 2N

Why choose 2N’s IP intercom systems?

Fully VoIP Compatible
Forget proprietary solutions. All 2N intercoms and answering units support VoIP communication via the standardised SIP protocol. This makes the devices easy to register as an extension to any IP PBX or IP service provider – just like an IP phone.
Flexible and Integrated
Create a fully integrated access solution – 2N products are built on open protocols, so they’re easily integrated with all leading cloud/IP PBX platforms and can also be connected to VMS and other security platforms.
Modern and Convenient
2N’s VoIP-based door entry solutions offer advanced features that improve security and convenience – including HD video calling, remote access control, integration with mobile apps, and remote site management via a cloud platform – that last one will save you time and money!
If you want to expand your new 2N IP intercom system in the future – it couldn’t be easier! Adding new devices, upgrading existing ones to add new features – all of this is made possible thanks to the power of 2N’s IP technology.
Retrofit Ready
Working with listed buildings? 2N’s solutions are adaptable and ready to retrofit with listed buildings and those hard-to-reach areas where installing cat5 cabling could be troublesome. With 2N’s 2-Wire Converter, you can simply connect 2N’s IP products to the existing analogue cabling, allowing you to provide your customers with high-quality video, crystal-clear audio and many more advanced features.

Three ways to convert to IP

Whether your customers are looking to:

1. Install new cabling
2. Convert products to work alongside existing analogue cabling
3. Remotely manage and connect systems with 2N’s Cloud-based service, the My2N Management Platform

2N offers a range of possibilities for integrating IP access control with your customer’s equipment.

Get started with 2N & ProVu

Choose Market-Leading IP devices



2N IP Verso 2.0 – Dubbed the Unicorn of intercoms, this powerful upgrade to a best-selling modular intercom really shows off the best of what IP technology can offer your projects.

  • A wide-angle full HD camera supporting WDR
  • Multi-access technology support (RFID, PIN, Fingerprint, Mobile access powered by WaveKey, and QR codes)
  • Modular design: build the exact intercom you need using up to 20 modules

Discover it



2N Clip – Perfect for midrange projects, this 4’’ answering unit puts the power of IP in every home. Offering the same quality as you’d expect from all 2N devices – including reliable IP video communication – at an affordable price point.

Discover it

Switch Off With 2N

Save Your Spot!

Get in touch today to discuss how you can maximise the opportunities the switch off can bring with 2N and ProVu. With a range of services designed to ease the installation and support of these devices, we can help ensure a smooth transition for you and your partners.

Meet the Innovative 2N Clip

We are thrilled to introduce the revolutionary 2N Clip, a compact powerhouse designed to cater to the mid-range sector! This impressive device combines all the remarkable features of 2N’s premium products while maintaining a competitive price point.

Elegant design, unwavering reliability and unbeatable price. What more could you ask for?!

2N Clip

4.3″ colour display

Integrate existing doorbell buttons

Super fast installation

Remotely manageable from My2N Management Platform

Discover the very best in intercom design

Installation Made Easy!

Installation couldn’t be simpler, for a wall mount, all you need is to drill in two screws and ‘clip’ the 2N Clip to the wall. Easy and under 3 minutes! Did you know we also offer a white-label installation service? Speak to our team today about maximising your opportunities through these services.

Discover our installation services and more

2N Access Unit M Update

Great News! The 2N Unit M has been updated to now include a longer cable, from the old 30cm cable to the new 3 metre long cable. Making installations much smoother and easier.

Explore the Unit M

Register Today for our upcoming Partner Day

Discover the latest 2N devices and meet the 2N team at our upcoming partner day! Discover how 2N and our other vendor partners can support a smooth transition for your customers in the lead up to the ISDN switch off. Register for your free ticket today to enjoy a jam-packed day with:

  • Insightful Presentations
  • Vendors representatives on hand to answer your questions
  • A showcase of our sponsor’s latest devices
  • ProVu colleagues that can take you through our full range of services
  • Drinks reception and virtual clay pigeon shooting

All expertly crafted to prepare you for the biggest shake-up in the public phone network.

Claim your free place today!

Get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email to place your order today!

Seamless Setup, Zero Hassle! Remote Installations Made Easy

We understand that the world of technology is evolving fast, and you want to offer your customers the latest solutions quickly and efficiently. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our Remote Installation Service, exclusively for you.

Our Remote Installation Service is available for 2N, 3CX, Algo, and Sangoma. Whether you’re dealing with door entry and access control, PA systems, PBX setups, or VoIP gateways we’ve got you covered. Our expert team is ready to assist you with seamless remote installations, ensuring your deployments are up and running in no time.

What Our Remote Installation Services Include:

Sangoma Gateway Installation:
Sangoma Gateways are renowned for their VoIP conversion capabilities. We can help you configure these gateways to match your customer’s specific requirements, minimising the risk of installation issues and expanding your product offerings.
2N® Door Entry & Access Control Setup:
Tap into the growing door entry and access control market with confidence. Our team can handle the setup and configuration of 2N® door entry and access control products, so they arrive on-site ready to work without complications.
Algo IP PA Systems:
As IP PA systems face upgrades due to the ISDN switch-off, we’re here to help. We’ll set up and configure Algo’s units to seamlessly integrate with new or existing systems, complete with pre-configured settings like ring groups and hunt group multicast.
3CX PBX Setup:
Starting from scratch with a 3CX PBX system? Let our experts guide you through the entire setup process, including SIP trunk configuration, phone setups, IVR, call queues, and more. We’ll also provide valuable insights on safeguarding your systems against potential threats.

Find out more

Tell us what you’d like to see!

We’re always open to feedback! If you have an idea as to how our systems could work better for you, let us know. We’re all ears. Simply email to share your thoughts with us.

Simplify your installations and enhance your services. Get started with our Remote Installation Service and open up new possibilities for you and your customers. Simply call 01484 840048 or email to speak with a member of our team.

Secure your Device Reliability with ProVu’s 2N Advanced Replacement Service!

We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, every moment counts. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our NEW 2N Advanced Replacement Service, designed to keep your communication infrastructure running smoothly, with minimal downtime.

What is the 2N Advanced Replacement Service?

Our 2N Advanced Replacement Service is your fail-safe solution when the unexpected occurs. Instead of enduring the frustrating wait for repairs, our service ensures you receive a fully functional replacement product, delivered directly to site upon approval from our Tech Team. Any remaining warranty will be carried over to the replacement device, giving you added peace of mind for one simple price.

What are the Benefits?

  • Peace of Mind: Unforeseen device issues can disrupt your day-to-day operations. Our service ensures that your device is quickly replaced, minimising disruptions and providing peace of mind.
  • Minimal Downtime: With our next-day replacement, you can count on getting back to business without extensive downtime.
  • Like-for-Like Replacement: You’ll receive a replacement device that’s identical to your original*, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.
  • Protect Your Investments: For one simple, low cost we can provide advanced replacements for any 2N intercom, access unit and answering units.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the ins and outs of our 2N Advanced Replacement Service? Our 2N Advanced Replacement Service document covers everything you need to know about this exciting new service.

Find out more here

How do I get started?

Getting started couldn’t be easier, simply purchase your advanced replacement within 30 days of purchasing your device to add this extra protection. Once purchased, if you suspect that your 2N product has developed a fault, our dedicated support team are here to assist you. Simply create a support ticket, and our experienced technicians will collaborate with both you and 2N to diagnose the issue. If it’s determined that a replacement is needed, we’ll swiftly ship a replacement unit to you.

ProVu’s Technical Support Services

Let Us Help You!

Need help installing your 2N products? With our white label installation services, we can carry out the install for you without the hassle or costs of carrying out in-person visits.

Explore our services

Alternatively, we also offer remote installation support giving you dedicated access to our technical experts who will be ready to remotely support and advise you while carrying out the installation. Whatever your requirements, we’ve got your back!

Remote installation services

To learn more about this service or to explore how it can benefit your business, please contact our dedicated support team on 01484 840048 or email We’re here to ensure that your communication infrastructure stays resilient.

What’s New – 2N’s OS Update

We understand that when it comes to security, door entry is just as crucial on the inside as it is on the outside. Whether it’s about safeguarding your premises from external threats or ensuring privacy and safety within your space, every aspect of door entry matters.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the latest updates from 2N, designed to elevate security to new heights.

Apartment Security – 2N Indoor View DoorViewer

Introducing the DoorViewer feature. With this new addition, 2N’s Indoor View stations now have even more integration power. The DoorViewer feature allows seamless integration with 3rd party cameras to act as spyholes. When someone rings the doorbell at your apartment door, you’ll get a live video preview of the person standing outside, right on your 2N Indoor View.

Seamlessly Switch Between Third-Party Cameras:

2N understands the importance of a complete home overview. That’s why, with the new 2N OS 2.40 update, they’ve made it even easier for you to monitor your space during a call. You can now connect external cameras to your IP intercom without the need for a physical connection. Simply have them on the same network as your 2N® Indoor View, and they will be automatically paired through the web interface. This means you can effortlessly switch between associated cameras while on a call or even during a live preview.

Explore all of the 2N OS 2.40 Updates

What else is new for the 2N OS Platform?

Your security is a top priority, and the LPR Multifactor authentication mode for license plate reading offers that and more. Now you can combine license plate reading with other access technology, such as Bluetooth access, for a highly secure dual authentication process. This means no physical interaction with any device while enjoying seamless and foolproof entry into your premises.

The 2N OS 2.40 update doesn’t stop there. 2N has also added support for the H.265 video compression standard for the 2N® IP Style. This means faster streaming, lower bandwidth, and reduced storage requirements for RTSP/ONVIF.

Additionally, the all-new 2N® PICard solution for RFID cards offers unparalleled encryption based on secure MIFARE® DESFire® technology. It’s the epitome of multi-level security and flexibility for integrators and facility managers. Check the web interface after updating to 2N OS 2.40 to see if your readers are compatible with this cutting-edge solution.

Explore all of the 2N OS 2.40 Updates

Let us help with White Label Installation
Have a difficult installation or don’t have the technical skills available? We’ve got your back! Did you know we also offer a white-label installation service? Speak to our team today about maximising your opportunities through these services.

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Elevate your security with DoorViewer and enjoy a seamless, smarter, and safer living experience. We offer a range of services to help support you. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you to support your partner’s in upgrading their systems with minimal effort.

Unleash the Power of Mobile Access Control

Unleash the power of mobile access control with 2N WaveKey! Rigorously tested, WaveKey stands as 2N’s groundbreaking Bluetooth technology, redefining the landscape of mobile access control for buildings. Seamlessly blending user-friendliness and high-end security, 2N WaveKey completely transforms the management of access to doors and entrances. By seamlessly pairing with users’ mobile devices, it offers an array of four access modes, granting convenience and flexibility in gaining access to designated areas. Experience the future of access control with 2N WaveKey!

Discover the Key Benefits of 2N WaveKey:

1. Reliable
Tested rigorously with over 15,000 door openings and 100 different phone models from 20 brands, 2N WaveKey consistently delivers excellent performance, ensuring seamless access control for your premises.
2. Fast
With an impressive door opening time of 0.3 seconds, WaveKey thrives in busy environments. Its unique pre-authentication system enables up to 8 mobile phones within the reader’s range, ensuring lightning-fast access.
3. Secure
No more worries about unauthorised door openings. WaveKey’s adaptive algorithms and RSSi signal trend analysis distinguish approaching users from those moving away. Bluetooth communication is fully protected with AES-128 and RSA-1024 encryption keys.
4. Cost-effective
Say goodbye to needless costs! Enjoy free mobile credentials for access control with our 2N® Mobile Key app. Assigning credentials is a breeze through the web interface, saving time and money.

Explore Four Distinct Modes of Use:

Card Mode
A convenient replacement for NFC technology, simply present your phone to the Bluetooth reader like a traditional card for quick access.
Tap-in-App Mode
Securely open doors by tapping a button in the 2N® Mobile Key app. Enable two-factor authentication for added security in high-sensitive areas.
Touch Mode
Effortlessly open doors without taking your phone out. Slightly touch the Bluetooth reader to gain access in less than 0.3 seconds.
Motion Mode
Enjoy a contactless experience by integrating with a 2N intercom with a camera. The door opens based on motion detection for a seamless passage.

How does WaveKey work?

To get started with 2N WaveKey, users can easily install the 2N® Mobile Key app on their iOS or Android phones at no cost. Before use, it’s essential to pair these devices via a web browser with 2N WaveKey-enabled access readers and/or intercoms, offering multiple access methods within a single unit. For efficient access control management or when dealing with multiple intercoms, the user-friendly 2N® Access Commander software comes to the rescue, providing centralised and effortless control over permissions. With this powerful combination, 2N WaveKey empowers businesses to streamline access management and enhance security with unparalleled ease.

See the 2N Wave Key in action

Discover 2N’s 4 Access Modes

Explore related products

Access Unit 2.0 Access Unit M IP Style IP Verso 2.0
White Label Survey and Installation available for 2N IP Access Control & IP Audio
Difficult installation or don’t have the technical skill? We have you covered! We can arrange for 2N specialists to survey your site, recommend the best products and oversee the installation, all while providing onsite training. Speak to a member of our Sales Team to discuss your requirements.

Explore what other services we offer!

Embrace the future of access control with 2N WaveKey! Upgrade your premises with the latest in mobile access technology. To learn more or get started, visit our website or reach out to us at 01484 840048 or email Elevate your access control experience with 2N WaveKey today!

Introducing the 2N Verso 2.0

We are excited to share that the new 2N Verso 2.0 Intercom is now available. This cutting-edge intercom expands on its predecessor the 2N Verso, offering you the same flexibility with enhanced features. With an advanced Full-HD definition camera and an ARTPEC-7 processor which provides improved image quality and processing along with better security and functionalities. The Verso 2.0 offers up to 5 different access methods with support for QR code reading, PIN, RFID, Fingerprint and mobile access, powered by WaveKey.

The 2N Verso 2.0 still offers the extensive range of customisation options you have come to expect from the Verso units. Not only does it offer state-of-the-art features thanks to its flexible modular system, it is also highly secure. Housed in a durable anodised aluminium casing, you can ensure the safety and privacy of your home or office.

2N IP Verso 2.0

Full High resolution wide angle camera

Flexible modular based system

Features an ARTPEC-7 processor offering advanced feature support

Supports up to 5 different access methods including QR code reading

Scalable up to 10,000 buttons with touch screen display module

Black or Stainless Steel finish

Discover the very best in intercom design

Let us help with White Label Installation
Have a difficult installation or don’t have the technical skills available? We’ve got your back! Did you know we also offer a white-label installation service? Speak to our team today about maximising your opportunities through these services.

Discover our Services

New Licensing of 2N Intercoms and Access units

If you’ve not already heard, 2N have simplified their licensing options in an effort to make your life just that little bit easier. The licensing for 2N’s intercoms and access control units are now as follows:

All features from the former Enhanced Security and Enhanced Audio license plus NFC and HTTP API are included in the price of the intercom
Gold Licence (9137909) – To simplify the ordering process 2N have reduced the number of licences available and replaced it with their Gold Licence. This will give you access to features including enhanced video and integration. To help with the migration, the price of the Gold Licence has now been reduced by 30%.
The 2N Access Unit is now supplied with the whole feature set, meaning there’s no need for any additional licenses

Let Us Explain It For You…

The following licenses will remain unchanged:

The following licenses are now discontinued:

IP Intercoms Access Unit
  • Enhanced Audio (9137905)
  • Enhanced Video (9137906)
  • Enhanced Integration (9137907)
  • Enhanced Security (9137908)
  • NFC (9137915)
  • Lift Module (9160401)
  • NFC (916012)
  • Lift Module (9160401)

What do these Changes mean for You & Your Customers?

We know that 2N’s licensing options have been a tricky area to navigate, especially for end users. We hope that these changes will help make your quotation and ordering process simpler. 2N greatly value the development, security and efficiency of their products and want you to benefit from all security features by default.

Discover the 2N Range

Check Out the Changes

*Please note in order to benefit from these new features your Intercoms and Access Units will need to be on the latest firmware version.

2N – What’s New 2023

The 2N team have had a busy start to 2023, with some big announcements. They’ve recently been approved by the UK Police Initiative as a member of the Secured by Design (SBD) and have released a new eBook about Access Control 3.0 which offers a unique look at the coming years and how you can capitalise on it. Read on to find out more.

2N products officially ‘Secured by Design’

2N prides itself on its product’s physical and cyber security. Their two key values which they strive to achieve in every device they produce. Having already achieved ISO27001 international certification, they have gone one step further and become a member of Secured by Design (SBD), part of the official UK police security initiative.

This is across all 2N IP intercoms, Access Unit 2.0, and Access Unit M readers installed with 2N Security Relay. This means that these devices are inherently secure, from high-quality hardware to the state of the art software.

Now you can be confident that you will always meet the highest security standards for access control systems.

Access Unit 2.0 Access Unit M IP Style IP Intercoms

Access Control 3.0 eBook

Access 3.0 represents a fundamental shift in technology that signifies the end of the lock and key and moves to the new age of Internet-based access control. Whether that be IoT or Bluetooth, you will want a modern access control system to combine several recent technology trends to get the most out of your access control.

2N’s new eBook explores this idea and gives you the 7 pillars of Access Control 3.0 to make you an industry pioneer.

Download your FREE copy today!

Design your own interface with 2N’s IP Style

Display what you want, how you want. From custom colours to personalised layouts, additional information, and animation. The new 2N OS version 2.37 allows you to customise the display API for whatever your customer desires.

2N Mobile Video app is changing

The 2N Mobile video app will be changing to the My2N app. What does this means for you and your customers? It means a easier to navigate user interface, landscape mode for full-screen video calling, and new features to make access control smoother.

Find out more here

Looking to get started with IP door entry & access control? We offer a range of services to help support you. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you to support your partner’s in upgrading their systems with minimal effort.

Counting Down to Channel Live: What to Expect from 2N

Counting down to Channel Live 2023

We’re delighted to have 2N joining us at Channel Live this year. Find out more about what to expect from them at this year’s show and what’s to come from them in 2023.

What will 2N be showcasing at Channel Live 2023?

Discover the world’s first LTE intercom on stand 508. The 2N® LTE Verso combines minimum installation costs with a full feature set. Using LTE technology means no other cable apart from a power supply is needed. Enjoy all the same functionalities such as video communication with little disruption. What’s more, the main unit with HD camera can be customised to feature an RFID, Bluetooth or fingerprint reader by using the supported modules. Intercoms have never been this flexible!

Products Coming in 2023

2N® IP Verso 2.0 (Coming in June 2023)

The next generation of 2N’s best-seller: the world’s most modular IP intercom! But what’s new?

  • A full FD wide-angle camera
  • Powerful Axis ARTPEC-7 Processor which provides improved image quality & processing along with better security and functionalities
  • New advanced features such as QR code access
  • One thing 2N won’t be changing: the intercom’s genius modularity. Suitable for any project (residential and commercial alike), you can tailor the 2N® Verso 2.0 exactly to your customer’s needs by choosing from 16 different modules and combining them however you want.

    2N® IP One (Coming in November 2023)

    Something perfect for family homes: a one-button intercom in a compact, stylish design that boasts a full HD camera. Thanks to the powerful ARTPEC-7 processor developed by Axis, the 2N® IP One intercom provides excellent image quality, efficient compression, and enough power for new features such as QR code access or advanced motion detection.

    Claim your FREE pass

    Come and see for yourself, the 2N team look forward to speaking with you at Channel Live!