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Algo Paging & Alerting in Analogue Environments

Whilst we all know the many benefits of VoIP, there are certain situations where customers don’t want to upgrade existing PA systems. This could be down to the complexity of upgrading or a lack of resources and knowledge of the products that are available. Analogue systems are sometimes overly complicated to implement, and most VoIP installers shy away from it. But it doesn’t have to be that way, with Algo’s product range implementing and integrating IP paging is easy.

Algo 8301 IP Paging Adaptor

Ideal for use in hospitality or public sector environments, the 8301 can be applied to an existing analogue system and convert it to integrate with most VoIP systems – giving your customers the advantages of an IP system at a fraction of the cost.

On top of this, the 8301 can also add enhanced features such as multicast, music streaming and scheduling of pre-recorded messages to the system.

Algo 8180 SIP Alerter

Unlike traditional paging speakers, the 8180 is powered via PoE, removing the need for excessive cabling. This can integrate with the 8301 or link up with any SIP based IP phone system to offer an all-round solution which can be remotely managed online.

Both the Algo 8180 and 8301 have a relay input enabling you to add a connection to an emergency button which can be used in emergencies to trigger a voice alarm.

Find out more about the Algo range

Channel Live 2017 – Thank you to all who visited us

We’ve had a busy week this week exhibiting at Channel Live at the NEC in Birmingham. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the show, catching up with new and old partners – if you attended we hope you enjoyed it too!

Organised by Comms Business, the show had a great turnout and we’d like to thank them for the hard work they put into creating such a positive event. We’d also like to say a special thank you to our supporting vendors Algo, Gigaset pro, Sangoma and Snom who joined us on our stand.

If you would like to contact the ProVu team, please call 01484 840048 or email

5 Reasons to Visit ProVu at Channel Live!

Channel Live is quickly approaching and we’re gearing up for what’s set to be the Channel’s biggest event of 2017. Here’s 5 reasons to visit us at the show.

Channel Live Man

  1. We’ll be demonstrating our online portal, ProSys and how we can automatically provision and remotely manage VoIP hardware.
  2. Algo will be joining us for the first time on our stand with a range of their visual and audio equipment.
  3. You could win a Gigaset CL750A Sculpture handset and see a selection of Gigaset’s DECT solutions.
  4. Sangoma will be running incentives for their partner program and exhibiting a range of their products.
  5. Snom will be showcasing some of their newest, yet to be launched products.


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We’re on Countdown to the Channel’s Biggest Event!

We’re delighted to be exhibiting at the Channel’s biggest event – Channel Live 2017! Taking place on 12th and 13th September at the NEC, Birmingham the event is the only Channel specific conference, exhibition, thought leadership and networking event rolled into one.

Joining us at the show will be representatives from Algo, Gigaset, Sangoma and Snom who will be exhibiting a selection of their latest products. Visit us to see some of the newest VoIP hardware, plus see our reseller portal, ProSys live in action.

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The show is set to be a must attend event for all Channel partners. Registration is free, simply complete the online registration form to be there.

Algo 8301 Multicast Line IN Audio

This guide is designed to show how to make an Algo 8301 multicast the audio it receives on the Line IN or AUX IN ports.

In this guide we will use two Algo 8301 units, the first as the Multicast sender and the second as the multicast receiver.

Configuring the Multicast Sender

Log in to the Algo 8301 Web GUI and change the following settings:

  • Basic Settings > Multicast
    • Multicast Mode = Master/Sender
    • Multicast Type = Regular (RTP)
    • Master Single Zone = Music
  • Additional Features > Input/Output
    • Audio Always On = Enabled
    • Audio Input Port = Aux IN or Line IN (depending on what port you are wiring your audio source to)

Configuring the Multicast Receiver

Log in to the second Algo 8301 Web GUI and change the following settings:

  • Basic Settings > Multicast
    • Multicast Mode = Slave/Receiver
    • Multicast Type = Regular (RTP
    • Basic Slave Zones = Tick “Music” box.

Thats It! Couldn’t be simpler. In my test, I chose the Audio Input Port as the Aux IN port, then connected my mobile phone using a normal AUX cable. I then connected some PC speakers to the Aux OUT port on the second Algo 8301.

When I played the music on my phone, it was played out over the speakers plugged in to the second Algo, which was receiving the audio over multicast.

This would be a great way to take an audio input source in one location, and broadcast the message across a large site with multiple speaker groups.

Algo SIP Alerting Devices – Meet the Range

Have you discovered the full Algo range? Consisting of a variety of standalone devices each model offers a unique feature set, enabling you to offer a more flexible solution to your customers.

Algo 8180 SIP Alerter

The Algo 8180 SIP Alerter is ideal for noisy environments such as garages, workshops and warehouses. It provides a loud ringing and paging device which can automatically adjust the volume to compensate for background ambient noise.

Algo 8128 Strobe Alerter

The Algo 8128 provides visual notification using a high intensity LED strobe light to notify users of calls, emergencies and security events. Ideal for use in loud environments, environments that need to remain quiet or for users who have hearing impediments.

Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker

The Algo 8188 is a SIP compliant IP ceiling speaker which is ideal for voice paging, loud ringing, emergency notifications and background music.

Algo 8186 Horn Speaker

The Algo 8186 is a weatherproof PoE wideband SIP horn speaker which is suitable for voice paging, loud ringing and emergency/safety/security notifications and alerting in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Algo 8301 IP Paging Adaptor

The Algo 8301 IP Paging Adapter allows integration of existing analogue paging systems in to hosted and on-site SIP PBX environments, ideal for streaming music to other compatible IP devices.

Offering a varied range of products, Algo devices are a great solution to many business requirements, to find out more simply contact the ProVu Team.

Algo Multicast Group

I think nearly anyone that has seen the Algo audio alerting devices has wondered what a group of them would sound like when they are positioned together.

Recently here at ProVu we got to group 38 Algo devices together and set them up to listen on multicast.

We were impressed with the kit and the result, the audio setting was left untouched so they are set to the default (I think it is 4 and goes up to 10) so they can become louder if required.

What do you think?

Check out the video below.

Seamless Paging Integration between Algo and Polycom

We launched the Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker back in January which joined our expanding range of Algo paging and alerting devices. This SIP ceiling speaker can integrate natively with Polycom™ Group Page for overhead announcements.

The 8188 provides additional coverage in common areas or where sound reinforcement is needed, like classrooms, lobbies or hallways. The 8188 can also be configured to join Polycom paging groups or zones.

Polycom Group Page has no dependency on a SIP server and therefore the 8188 also integrates seamlessly with Skype™ for Business/Lync™.


SIP Initiated Group Paging
Polycom VVX phone calling Algo 8180 SIP alerter which simultaneously launches a local Polycom Group Page.

Polcom Group page with Algo 8188 diagram


Algo paging endpoints have multicast broadcast capability. While paging or alerting, they can simultaneously multicast over the network.

Polycom Solution Guide: Group Page with VVX600 & Algo 8180/8188

Algo IP PA and SIP Alerting webinar

Algo IP PA and SIP Alerting webinar
Monday 16th May @ 15:00 GMT + 1

Have you considered adding IP PA systems to your hardware portfolio? With the addition of two new products to the Algo range including the 8301 Paging Adaptor and 8186 SIP Horn Speaker there’s now even more reason to expand your product offering.

To introduce the new product range, we will be hosting a webinar on Monday 16th May at 3:00 PM (GMT + 1). Throughout the webinar we will provide an overview of the product range and their features, plus we will discuss the benefits of using Algo over ATA devices.

Webinar topics will include:

  • Introduction to the Algo range
  • Advantages of using Algo over ATA based PA Systems
  • The new range – Algo 8301 and Algo 8186
  • Upcoming products
  • Summary
  • Questions and Answers

The webinar is a great opportunity for you to learn about the Algo range and how easily it can be deployed within any IP infrastructure. We expect the webinar to last approximately 30 minutes.

Pre-Register now to attend the webinar

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