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Cisco Multiplatform Phone Launch Round Up

We’ve been in Glasgow and Birmingham this week hosting our popular Cisco multiplatform SIP phone launches. Joined by guest speakers from the Cisco team, attendees learnt about Cisco’s latest SIP phone range – the 7800 and 8800 series.

Similar to the popular SPA range, Cisco’s new multiplatform series are designed to work with any 3rd-party hosted and on-site platform.

Why not try them out for yourself with our NFR offer? For more information and pricing, please contact the ProVu sales team.

Heading to a location near you – Cisco’s Multiplatform SIP Phone Launch

Following the success of our Manchester and London Cisco Multiplatform SIP phone launch events, we are delighted to announce that we will be extending this event to an additional two locations. Join us in either Glasgow or Birmingham next month to discover more about this popular, upcoming range in our 7800 and 8800 Multiplatform phone launch event. Registration is free, simply select your preferred location to be there!

When & Where?

IET Glasgow
Tuesday 4th April, 13:00 – 16:30
IET Birmingham
Thursday 6th April, 13:00 – 16:30
IET Glasgow IET Birmingham
IET Glasgow – William’s Room,
14 St Enoch Square,
G1 4DB
IET Birmingham – Boulton/Faraday Room,
80 Cambridge Street,
B1 2NP

What will I learn?

Designed to give you an insightful introduction to the range, this event is the ideal opportunity to develop your knowledge on this increasingly popular range. Throughout the course of the afternoon you will discover more about Cisco’s new series of Multiplatform phones from Cisco’s Product Manager, Simon Brough plus other guest speakers.

Attendees will also receive a free* phone from the new range for testing and evaluation.


Register Now


*Free phones are limited to one per company who attend, companies who have previously received a free multiplatform phone from Cisco are not eligible. Free phone will be selected by Cisco and may be any phone from the 7800 or 8800 series.

Cisco IP 8800 Key Expansion Module Key Programming

With the Cisco 8880 Expansion Module you are able to program keys to show names of other phone users.

The key settings can be found in the web interface of the phone on the “Unit1-3” tabs depending on how many extension modules you have.


The code to display a name on the extension module is “fnc=blf+cp;sub=5070@$PROXY;ext=5070@$PROXY;nme=Name”.

The “;nme=Name” is where you can type the text you want to appear on the extension module.

The “;sub=5070” and “;ext=5070” is where the extension number must go.


Distinctive ringing with Cisco phones

Both the older Cisco SPA range and the new CP range support distinctive ringing through the use of Alert-Info SIP headers.

The names to use can be found in the web interface for both phone types.  In the web interface, the settings are in the Voice section, phone tab, Ringtone heading.

On CP phones:

On SPA phones:

The important part for Alert-Info is the name part after “n=”.  The Alert-Info header must look like these examples:



So simply put the name of the ringtone in the header and nothing else.  This is different to most phones (and actually not as specified in the SIP RFC) as they need to have a dummy URI inside them.

As an example, if you wanted to add this header in Asterisk, use the SIPAddHeader application:


Cisco SPA 525G2 ‘End of Life’ Notice

Cisco SPA 525G2 ‘End of Life’ Notice

The EU have amended their regulations on the Wi-Fi spectrum and this impacts all the countries that follow the European compliance for all products incorporating Wi-Fi including the UK.

The SPA 525G2 IP phone which has Wi-Fi, is not compliant with the new regulation and therefore Cisco will be withdrawing this model from the market by the end of May in order to comply with the EU regulation. We currently have a limited number of SPA 525G2 units available, however when these have been sold, we do not intend to place any further stocking orders.

Alternative Models with Introductory Offer!
The SPA 525G2 is a popular phone and is usually purchased either because of its multi-line colour display, bluetooth or because Wi-Fi is needed. The new Multiplatform 8800 product family offers valid replacements for all cases beginning with the 8841.

To ease the transition from the SPA 525G2 to the new Multiplatform range we have made some generously discounted sample units available for our resellers, allowing you to test the 8841 and 8861 phones on your platform and giving you the opportunity to see for yourself the commercial offering this new series of phones can bring to your portfolio.

For more information on this NFR sample offer or if you would like to discuss how these changes may affect any projects you are working on, please call the Sales Team on: 01484 840048 or you can email:

Cisco Multiplatform Phone Launch – London


Join us for the Cisco 7800 and 8800 Series Multiplatform phones launch on Thursday 26th January at Cisco’s London offices from 1:00 p.m. – where you can enjoy a complimentary lunch, with a chance to meet the ProVu and Cisco teams. The session will get under way at 2:00 p.m. where you will discover more about the new series of Multiplatform phones from Cisco’s guest speakers. This is a great opportunity to get up to speed with the latest range, plus learn more about Cisco’s upcoming plans.

Where: Cisco Offices – Finsbury Square, London
When: Thursday 26th January 13:00 – 16:30


Find out more & Register Here

Compatible headsets for the new Cisco 7800 and 8800 series phones

We’ve recently done some testing between the new Cisco 7800 and 8800 series phones and the headsets that we supply.

Here is a table of all the headsets and cables that we’ve tested and work with these new Cisco phones:

Headset Cable / Adaptor
Eartec 308/510/710 Range EAR-QD002(C)
Plantronics SupraPlus Range Plantronics U10
Plantronics CS500 Range Plantronics APC-42
(For EHS, use switch settings: A/3/2)
Jabra BIZ Range Jabra GN1200
Jabra Pro 920/925 Jabra Link 14201-43 (For EHS, use switch setting “B” and EHS setting “Jabra IQ”)
Sennheiser SC230 & SC260 Sennheiser CSTD 08

Please note: The Cisco 7811 does not have a headset port and therefore does not work with the headsets listed in the table above.

To find out more go to our Headset Compatibility Guide here:

If you have any other questions or problems please contact our technical support team.

How to configure BLF keys on Cisco CP-7800/8800 series

To set up BLF keys, first go onto the web interface. Then go to Admin Login > Advanced.    admin

Then go to Voice > Phone.



You should then have all the line settings.



To set up a BLF key you must first know which extension you want the button to call. For example I am going to use 1001. Where it says the extension number you must select the option ‘Disabled’.



Next you must add the BLF syntax to ‘Extended Function’. Which in this case would be ‘fnc=blf+sd;sub=1001@$PROXY;ext=1001@$PROXY’.

‘sub=1001’ is the number which you are subscribing to. ‘ext=1001’ is the extension number. ‘@$PROXY’ tells the phone to subscribe using the sip server of the extension that is registered on the phone.

So in order to make it function all you need to do is change the subscriber ID and extension ID to match the phone you want it to ring.



Join us at Cisco’s Launch Event – 24th November, Manchester


We’re delighted to invite you to the launch of the new Cisco 7800 and 8800 Series of Multi-Platform SIP Phones!

Come along to Cisco’s Manchester offices on Thursday 24th November and be among the first to see their newest range of SIP phones. Members of the ProVu Team and Cisco Product Managers will be on hand to talk you through the series and their capabilities.

To attend this event, simply register your details below – we look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday 24th November 2016
9:30 – 13:00
Tower Business Park,
Wilmslow Road,
M20 2SE
9:30: Registration with Tea & Coffee
10:00: Presentations
12:00: Networking and Lunch

Register Now

The New Cisco 7800 and 8800 series has arrived!


We are excited to announce the launch of Cisco’s new multi-platform supported, 7800 and 8800 series IP desk phones! Designed specifically with hosted telephony platforms and small to medium sized enterprises in mind, Cisco’s 7800 series provides a cost-effective range with a high level feature set designed to promote a superior user experience. The 8800 series is positioned at a more executive level, with large 5″ HD colour displays and Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Cisco are very keen for our channel partners to evaluate these new phones and have made a number of Seed units available for testing and evaluation. We have Seed units on selected models available at heavily reduced NFR prices and around 70% to 80% off the RRP. For further details and to request your Seed units please contact our Sales Team by sending us an email to

Find out more information about the ranges here:

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