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Stock Shortages Causing Delays?

Are stock levels causing you issues or delays in getting products to your customers?

Sangoma currently have great stock levels in the UK across their IP phone range. Whatever your requirements, we can help to ensure business continuity with the following devices readily available.







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Whatever your requirements, our team are on hand to help you minimise disruption from the ongoing stock shortages. Speak top our team today to find out the latest stock availabilities and about our exclusive NFR pricing today! Call us on 01484 840048 or email

Expand your legacy with Sangoma Gateways

With the upcoming switch off of ISDN in 2025 and the introduction of SoGEA, a gateway seems to be more relevant than ever before. As a stand alone appliance that converts analogue to SIP, the ability to connect legacy infrastructure with modern VoIP networks saves businesses time and money which is often at the forefront of most savvy business minds.

Sangoma’s Vega Gateways offers users a reliable and secure experience that can integrate into most legacy systems. With the availability of higher quality internet connectivity and the movement to more cloud based operating systems, it is more cost effective for businesses to adapt their legacy infrastructure with Gateways. Especially when those systems have been built up over years and have thousands of endpoints, it’s not practical, cost effective or ecological to throw it all away. With Sangoma Gateway you can join the analogue and digital worlds together.

Need an extra helping hand? Order through us to get additional benefits!

Unsure on how to install gateways into your existing set up? Make the most of ProVu’s pre-sales consultation or post-sales installation services. Alternatively learn how to install gateways and other useful Sangoma products, with Sangoma’s FOC training on the Sangoma university or keep a look out for upcoming training hosted by ProVu.

Annual support contracts

Extended hardware warranties

Remote installation services

Ideal businesses & Industries that will benefit most from Sangoma Gateways:

  • Hotels– Many hotels require telephones in guests rooms but do not wish to invest in the cabling required to bring IP connectivity to each room.
  • Healthcare – Many Hospitals or care homes still maintain analogue telephones for ease of use for patients or residents.
  • Poor IP Connectivity– In many rural areas it is not practical to acquire a broadband connection of sufficient bandwidth to carry SIP calls. Each SIP call typically requires about 100kpbs, so 10 calls takes 1 megabit of bandwidth.
  • Large sites – Such as factories or railways, where long line lengths make using IP impractical, expensive and possibly unreliable.

A Sangoma gateway could solve all these issues and more. Find out more about the Sangoma Gateways and how they can help to expand your legacy.

Explore Sangoma’s Gateways

Gateways to the rescue: Whitepaper

Want to know more about how you can benefit from Sangoma’s latest products? Speak to one of our sales team today on 01484 840048 or email

Build your out of the box solution with Sangoma!

More and more businesses want a quick out of the box solution. With minimal hassle and high quality performance along with outstanding audio, Sangoma has the answer.

The P310 & P315 entry level deskphones offer high performance with enterprise grade audio all at a low cost. Alongside this Sangoma have also released their new PBXact license bundles, making it easier than ever to set up an out of the box solution en masse.

Discover all the features of Sangoma PBXact without the additional cost of the hardware with our new software license bundles. With three easy ways to purchase simply select from either 25 or 50 licenses to build your solution. You can then purchase individual licenses to make up the total number you require.

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Explore the P310

Discover the P315

Find out more about how you can benefit from Sangoma’s latest products and speak to one of our sales team today on 01484 840048 or email

Introducing the Sangoma P310 & P315 with an exciting Promotion!


Brand new from Sangoma! The P310 & P315 Business Desk Phones offering you a low-cost, high performance desk phone solution. Providing all the essentials you would need of an entry-level desk phone with the added bonus of enterprise-grade audio. Giving you access to a richer audio experience at a fraction of the cost.

What’s more, ProVu have teamed with Sangoma to offer you an exciting new promotion for you to take advantage of. Purchase 9 of either the P310 & P315 and receive a 10th FREE*! What is even better is that there is no limit on this promotion, so make the most of it and take advantage of the savings.



Explore the P310 & P315


Sangoma P310

Sangoma P315

  • 2.4″ backlit colour LCD display
  • 4 Feature Keys
  • Zero touch provisioning with Sangoma UC platforms
  • 2 x Kensington lock ports
  • Compatible with H10 & H20 Headset
  • 2.4″ backlit colour LCD display
  • 4 Feature Keys
  • Zero touch provisioning with Sangoma UC platforms
  • 2 x Kensington lock ports
  • Compatible with H10 & H20 Headset
  • Gigabit connectivity

Explore the P310

Discover the P315

To place your order please call our sales team on 01484 840048 or email

*The free device will be the cheapest device. Offer available until 30th September 2021.

NEW Sangoma PBXact Software Bundles

If the last 12 months have taught us anything, it’s that FLEXIBILITY is key. Sangoma’s fully customisable PBXact puts a whole new spin on UC systems, but why do you need it?

Enable your customers’ workforce to operate wherever they may be with the functionalities they need. Customise systems to integrate with third party applications and to embody enhanced features such as call recording reports, extension routing and Conference Pro included as standard.
It’s not unusual for users to work across multiple devices. Create a continuous user experience with support for use on mobile, desktop and desk phone devices.
Discover Sangoma’s zero-touch auto-provisioning across the entire Sangoma IP desk phone range including the brand new P310/P315. Once set up, you can then remotely manage every aspect of PBXact from anywhere.
With hardware or software versions available, you can deploy PBXact however you want to.
Discover all the features of Sangoma PBXact without the additional cost of the hardware with our new software license bundles. With three easy ways to purchase simply select from either 25 or 50 licenses to build your solution. You can then purchase individual licenses to make up the total number you require.
PBXact Software - 25 Bundle License PBXact Software - 50 License Bundle PBXact Software - Individual Licenses

Find out more

Sangoma P310/P315 Phones

Experience the powerful PBXact UC system with their brand new P310 and P315 (Gigabit connectivity) IP desk phones. Now in stock and available for next day delivery, these entry-level devices provide a rich user experience at a price that fits any budget.

Discover the P310

Discover the P315

With remote installation and a variety of support contracts available you can be sure your investment is protected with ProVu and Sangoma.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements: 01484 840048 |

Join the Sangoma University for your free training

Hybrid working is on the horizon, as more and more companies begin to adopt this working style, Sangoma SBCs can offer a powerful solution to help you securely support this new way of working. Not to mention, they can also provide a cost-effective solution in preparation of the ISDN switch off.

Why not ensure that you and your team are ready for what the future holds and increase your team’s knowledge with Sangoma’s online university! These courses enable you grow your understanding of Sangoma’s solutions as well as Sangoma SBCs.

Best of all, these courses are absolutely FREE! So why not build your Teams knowledge and get a head start future proofing your solutions.

Sangoma SBC Essentials course

Broken into 9 easily digestable chunks, the SBC essentials course offers everything you need to get started with SBCs covering many topics, including:

  • How & Where to use SBCs
  • Sangoma SBC Models
  • SBC Network Topologies
  • Initial Setup & Configuration
  • SIP Profiles
  • Remote Phone setup
  • SIP Trunking setup
  • SBC security settings
  • Troubleshooting options

Why not also try one of the many other FREE Training course Sangoma’s online university offer and expand your teams knowledge and portfolio.

Discover Sangomas’s Online Courses

Need an extra helping hand? Order through us to get additional benefits!

Annual support contracts

Benefit from annual support contracts with ProVu, allowing you to access direct support for when you need us the most.

Extended hardware warranties

Get covered with our extended hardware warranties. Rest easy knowing your hardware will be covered for the duration of your contact agreements.

Remote installation services

Our Tech Team are on hand to remotely assist with your installations. Rest assured knowing products are up and running correctly.

Join Sangoma’s University

SBCs available from ProVu

Need to know more? Get in touch with one of our technical sales team member, simply call 01484 840048 or email

Prepare, Protect & Provide with Sangoma SBCs

There’s a lot to consider at the moment. With a hope of returning to the office on the horizon, hybrid working and the ISDN switch off looming, ensuring your solutions are future-proof should be a top priority.

PREPARE for the ISDN Switch off

Customers reluctant to switch over to SIP

Inserting an SBC with TDM enables calls to flow in and out of the PSTN – the SBC will act as a pure gateway converting SIP to ISDN.

PROTECT – With Sangoma’s Hybrid SBC products you can offer an all-in-one solution. Incorporating the features and security benefits of an SBC combined with a gateway, these devices are a great way to future proof systems. To convert a Sangoma SBC into a hybrid solution, you will need to install a Sangoma TDM card (i.e. a101, a102, a104) into an enterprise-grade SBC appliance.

PROVIDE flexibility as a business throughout from remote working to changing your strategy on communications.

Customers who decide to use SIP Trunking

Hybrid SBCs offer a cost advantage and provide more flexibility. In this instance, the SBC makes routing decisions based on cost, configuration or availability.

Customers looking to accommodate hybrid workers

Support for remote workers and local IP phones can all be hosted from a Sangoma SBC.

Find out more

Discover our SBC Range

Contact us today to discover how we can help you to future-proof your customers’ solutions with Sangoma Hybrid SBCs. With a range of services designed to suit you, we can provide annual support contracts, extended hardware warranties and remote installation services to help give you and your customers peace of mind. Simply call 01484 840048 or email to speak with a member of our team.

How to Make Yours and Your Customers Network Secure for Remote Working

It’s predicted that home working will more than double compared to pre-pandemic levels when restrictions ease. With that in mind, there couldn’t be a better time to ensure yours and your partners’ networks are secure and prepared for remote workers.

How to Make Your Network Secure for Remote Working

Sangoma’s SBC range are the perfect solution to securing VoIP networks not just for yourself, but for your customers too. Remote worker soft phone applications and the rise of UC solutions mean a greater variety of media need to securely use the network which can sometimes expose unfamiliar or unknown vulnerabilities. SBCs provide a number of services to make VoIP/UC systems more secure and better able to integrate SIP-based equipment from a variety of vendors. What’s more with features such as SIP over TLS and SRTP you can enable end-to-end encryption for voice traffic and provide a solution for SIP ALG problems on most modern routers.

Find out more about the features & benefits of Sangoma SBCs

When it comes to remote workers, you’ll want to be sure that while allowing remote access to the PBX and UC applications, you are not effectively opening the door for toll-fraud and other attacks by simply opening ports in the data firewall. Sitting on the edge of a VoIP network, an SBC will only allow authorised endpoints used by remote workers to access the network.

Contact our expert team today to discuss how you can increase your profit opportunities by providing an improved service to your customers post-lockdown. Simply call 01484 840048 or email

Take Control with Sangoma SBCs

You may already be familiar with Session Border Controllers, but have you considered the opportunities they could offer to you and your customers?

What exactly is an SBC?

In its simplest sense, SBCs act like a firewall specifically designed for VoIP and UC systems. Traditional firewalls are great for creating a barrier around corporate networks, but they’re not so ideal when it comes to determining what traffic to block, which could result in important phone calls being missed. With an SBC, you have much greater control over VoIP and SIP systems, enabling you to recognise and stop suspicious behaviour, this can also be useful in the current climate where there’s a lot of remote workers using their own devices.

Who are SBCs good for?

SBCs are ideal for smaller ITSPs, telephone system installers, VoIP engineers and IT managers looking to protect their voice networks against malicious attacks and/or looking to increase profit opportunities by providing an improved service to your customers. With features such as load balancing, transcoding and least cost routing you can offer an improved, reliable service which is optimised to provide a resilient solution for your customers. This can help to reduce technical support time and increase your customer attachment rate. Whether you’re operating via a cloud-based system, a SIP trunking system or connecting remote workers to a corporate phone system, SBCs offer a range of benefits.

Key Features of Sangoma SBCs

Sangoma Quality of Service

Quality of Service

Generate the best quality of service the connection can provide, from HD voice quality to small bandwidth optimised codecs.
Sangoma Quality of Service

Business Continuity

Ensure business continuity during catastrophic hardware failures by mirroring two SBCs together.
Sangoma Business Continuity

VoIP Protection

Protects VoIP networks from malicious attacks.
Sangoma VoIP Protection

Future Proof

All SBC licenses can be upgraded at any time enabling you to ensure all features are always included.
Sangoma Call Routing

Call Routing

Provide low-cost routing and load balancing across trunks.

Download Sangoma’s Security Whitepaper

SBCs Available from ProVu

To discuss how Sangoma’s SBC range can help to secure your partners’ networks contact our team today by emailing or calling 01484 840048.

New Year, New Products

There is no doubt that last year was a tough one and while it doesn’t look like 2021 will let up yet, we are starting to see the wood for the trees and are beginning to get a handle on the interesting climate 2020 has left us in.

So why not move into 2021 by expanding your current portfolio with some new ranges to offer your customers. Create new streams of revenue with incredible brands such as 2N, Algo, 3CX, Counterpath, DrayTek, Dialogic and Sangoma.

Expand your portfolio


Powerful compact IP intercoms with customisable units. 2N’s door entry intercoms and Access Control units offer the very best in building control. From external weatherproof & shock resistant IP Force intercoms to the adaptable and fully customisable Verso, 2N’s units offer you advanced functionality with intuitive design.

Explore the 2N range


Advanced alerters and speakers designed to integrate into office, retail and warehouse spaces alike. With high quality audio Algo’s range opens up a new opportunity to add visual and audio alerting to your IP solutions.

Explore the Algo range


Offering you a range of provisionable softphone licences combining video, presence and messaging Counterpath provides your customers a true unified communications experience across fixed & mobile networks. With extensive features and compatibility across many platforms such as Apple, Windows and Android there is no better way to bring your clients teams together. As a added bonus Counterpath offers full support for HD video, G729 audio codec and Microsoft Outlook integration as standard.

Explore CounterPath


Providing a full PBX solution, 3CX creates a complete set of unified communications features with easy to use installation, management and maintenance of your customers’ companies phone systems. With support for 4 to 1024 simultaneous calls and a variation of editions to chose from, your customers are able to create a scalable and cost effective PBX solution that can grow with their business.

Explore 3CX


Whether your clients need to extend their range, require a clearer connection, or maybe just want to add security to a busy network. DrayTek offers your customers all of this and more. With a host of incredible products from routers, access points and switches, DrayTeks advanced products give your customers the very best in web managed networks.

Explore the DrayTek range


New to our own portfolio, Dialogic offers customers a range of high end enterprise media gateways and voice cards which can upgrade existing PBX systems into VoIP allowing you and your customers to save the hassle of purchasing and installing a new system.

Explore the Dialogic range


With the ISDN switch off now even closer, 2021 is the opportune time to ensure your customers are prepared. Sangoma’s gateway and SBC range provide an optimal solution for those who will need to upgrade their systems without the associated cost. Find out more today about how you can use these intelligent devices to upgrade existing analogue systems to VoIP.

Explore the Sangoma range


Take advantage of our extensive headset range from brands such as Yealink, Snom, Cisco, Sangoma, Senheiser/EPOS, Plantronics, Jabra, VTech, Eartec and Fanvil. With a variation of either monaural or binaural, headset or ear piece there is a style for everyone. Expand your headset collection for your clients.

Explore our headset range

With a refreshed outlook on this coming year, we can agree that everyone is looking for something new to grow their business, so why not offer a new range to your customers and expand your opportunities in 2021.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements

For assistance with putting together your solutions or to discuss any additional hardware you may require with a member of our team simply call 01484 840048 or email