6am start for Raspberry Pi

So, 6am this morning. The ProVu techies were up trying to get their hand’s on a RasperryPI.

This is a new mini computer which runs Linux. They are cheap at $35. We all really excited about the launch. We all have ideas of things we want to build with the device. The educational aspect that kids can have a computer cheap enough to just play with is fantastic.

This morning, the announcement was that they had decide to use RS and Farnell for distribution. These are both huge companies. Farnell’s turnover is £990 million.

We have an account with Farnell, so thought buying would be easy.

Unfortunately, I slept in until 6.03 by which time the websites of the both distributors had gone offline. Only now at 11:59 has the Farnell website been up enough to place a pre-order for the next batch.

It is all good.