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Gigaset Pro Handset Incentive

Exciting News! From the 1st July we will be running Gigaset’s new Handset Incentive. Available until the end of September 2022, you can claim an exclusive rebate on all new SL800H Pro & S700H Pro Handsets purchased through ProVu.

Offering an impressive rebate of £5 per handset, this summer promotion is not to be missed!

Explore the SL800H PRO & S700H PRO Handsets



    • Up to 13-hours talk time
    • 2.4″ TFT colour display
    • Programmable alarm button
    • IP40 protection rating
    • Up to 50m indoor range
    • Up to 500 phonebook entries
  • Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack headset connection
    • Up to 15-hours talk time
    • 2.4″ TFT colour display
    • Hotel option available
    • Scratch and disinfectant resistant
    • Up to 50m indoor range
    • Up to 500 phonebook entries
  • Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack headset connection

Explore the S700H

Explore the SL800H

Compatible Single & Multi Cell Base Stations

Whether you’re looking to create a simple single cell solution, or a future-proof package which can be scaled to accommodate up to 20,000 handsets**, these handsets can be built into your existing or new DECT solutions using any of the following base stations.

N510IP N670IP N720IP N870IP

Hurry, this discount won’t be around forever, take advantage of this amazing rebate offer today! Simply log in to our online portal, ProSys to place your order!

*Rebates will be processed on a monthly basis and will be paid retrospectively at the end of each calendar month.

**Requires N870 Virtual Integrator Software Licence

***Promotional offer subject to stock availability.

Explore what 2N WaveKey can do for you!

Liberate your customers from unnecessary costs with 2N’s WaveKey mobile access control. This simple to deploy method could prove invaluable to your partners with the ability to remotely distribute mobile credentials in just a few clicks.

What’s more, it’s also a more secure option for office environments – people are less likely to share their mobile devices with others to gain access to secure areas, not to mention the unique range of secure algorithms which are able to identify whether a device is being used to gain access or if it’s at rest, or simply passing by.

The 2N Wavekey is quicker and easier to set up than fobs and can be done remotely through the 2N Access Commander*. Once created, simply pair the users’ mobile devices and any 2N Bluetooth Intercom module. With support for 4 different access modes:

  • Card mode
  • Tap in app mode
  • Touch mode
  • Motion mode

We’ve broken down the key features & benefits of this ground-breaking solution for you.

What is it?

Rigorously tested, 2N WaveKey is a unique technology that pairs users personal mobiles to the access control system of a building via a unique pairing PIN and the 2N Mobile Key app. Users can then walk to any access controlled door that they have permission to, which is set by the admin with 2N Access Commander, and enter into the door with one of 4 access modes.

1. Card Mode
Working on both Android and iOS devices, users can present their phone to the Bluetooth reader to gain access. Just like they would with a traditional card with no need to open the phone. The Card mode is best used in installations with a high flow of people passing by such as busy office locations and turnstiles.
2. Tap in the App Mode
Users are able to open doors by tapping a virtual button in the 2N mobile Key app. With users having to open their phone to access the app, this mode is considered to be more secure. Two-factor authentication can be added to include an additional level of security. Ideal for entrances to office buildings and secured areas as well as garages & parking barriers. Anywhere you want to keep secure.
3. Touch Mode
Users are able to simply touch the Bluetooth reader with their hand or elbow, if they are carrying something, without the need to take their phone out of their pocket or purse. If they have authorisation to enter, the door will open. This mode is best for apartment and office buildings but less suitable if there will be lots of people constantly moving or congregating nearby the door.
4. Motion Mode
A fully contactless way to open door. Requiring a camera based intercom which will trigger the authentication process when it detects movement. Camera behaviour setup will be required to make use of this mode – When, how and what you want it to react to. Making passage through doors smooth and effortless. While the convenience of this mode is fantastic, it is not advisable to deploy this mode in busy areas as there is a risk of the door being opened unintentionally by a third party.

Who can set permissions?

The 2N Access Commander Admin can set up accounts so that receptionists, security guards or administrators can generate the unique pairing PIN for staff and guests, as well as set the appropriate permissions for the users. All of which can be done in under 30 seconds.

How does WaveKey work?

Making use of the users’ mobile phone Bluetooth functionality, 2N WaveKey allows users to link to a buildings access control. Once the connected device is in range of a listening 2N intercom that has a Bluetooth module, users can make use of 4 different modes to enter a door, with varying levels of convenience of use and the associated level of security. Users are free to choose the best mode for each door as well as multiple modes for the same door for users to choose their preferred method. Users can rest assured that the smart algorithms used for the 2N WaveKey identify when the pair device that is being used for access is at rest, moving to, past or away from the area they are wanting to access to ensure full security of their restricted areas.

Discover 2N’s 4 Access Modes

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Access Unit 2.0 Access Unit M IP Style IP Verso

Important ProVu Shipping Price Update

As of 20th June we will be updating our shipping prices.

Over the last few months we have had a number pricing increases on all our carriers due to the increased price of fuel in the market. We have been monitoring this carefully and as a result we have reviewed our shipping prices. The good news is that on 90% of our outbound deliveries we have taken the commercial decision to reduce our shipping costs. These reductions will be on our most common services of standard next day delivery.

However, for that remaining 10%, we have had to increase our delivery charges. This includes non-standard shipping areas (non-mainland uk) e.g. Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man.

The increases of our courier’s fuel surcharge were just too large and where we could, we have absorbed some of it, but the rest we have had to pass through. These price changes will come into effect on the 20th of June.

New Pricing Based on Standard UK Areas

APC ProSys Standard
Mail pack: Small, up to 1 kg £5.09 £5.59
Courier pack: Medium, up to 5kg £6.34 £6.84
Box: (There can be multiple boxes per consignment) Up to 20kg £8.63 £8.63
Additional kg: between 20kg and 100kg £0.34 £0.34
Additional kg: 100kg + £0.47 £0.47
DPD ProSys Standard
Express pack: Small, up to 5kg £7.13 £7.63
Box (Base price for 1 parcel) £8.79 £9.26
Additional parcel £5.41 £5.41

Delivery prices to non-standard UK areas including, Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man will be charged at a higher rate.

If you require any additional information please contact us on 01484 840048 or email

NEW Fanvil devices you don’t want to miss!

Fanvil have launched their brand-new IP handset and intercom range. The V6 series are top of the range IP desk phones which offer a sleek, modern design and high-quality performance, and the i6 range are the new robust and secure intercoms. Both certified on a range of Communication Platforms and can be white labelled installed by ProVu.

Explore what the new V6 series and i6 series can do and how they can fit into your portfolio with our upcoming webinar. What’s more, all attendees are in with the chance of winning one of 4 fantastic Fanvil prizes!

The V6 Series

The V6 series is Fanvil’s latest IP deskphone range. Sporting advanced audio quality and modern design, the V6 series offers a device for everyone. From entry-level devices through to a all singing, all dancing smart video phone.




The I6 Intercoms

The Fanvil I6 series intercoms all have high protection from the elements and vandalism being IP66 and IK07 rated, as well as a high quality 2-megapixel camera. Find the best intercom to suit your needs as each intercom has its own unique access control method. Either simple push to talk buttons, speed dials or even keypads.





Join our upcoming webinar!
Want to see more of the latest Fanvil devices as well as how they can best fit into your portfolio? Join our upcoming Fanvil webinar, on the 16th June, to discover this and more. What’s more, attendees will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 4 Fanvil devices!

Topics covered will include:

  • The New V6 series of IP Deskphones
  • An Overview of the New i6 Series of IP Intercoms
  • ProVu’s Exclusive Promotion
  • Q&A

Don’t miss out! Register today

Claim your exclusive NFR offer!

Get your exclusive NFR offer on the brand new Fanvil V6 & i6 Series. From now until the 31st August you can try out one V6 Series & i6 Series at a massively discounted price. A massive 50% off trade price.*

*NFR offer is limited to one V6 model device and one i6 model device per company.

* The V65 and i61 will be coming soon once stock is available.

What’s new with 3CX

Being at the forefront of PBX systems and integrated communications, 3CX have had to innovate and grow to meet the demands of users as well as the ever-changing technology landscape. With web, desktop and mobile clients it is now easier than ever to connect supported devices to an all-in-one communication system.

Some of the latest updates to 3CX

In the most recent version 18 update, 3CX have improved on the system with some quality-of-life updates as well as some brand new features.

IOS App Official Release: Fast Chat ResponseFast Chat Response allows users to respond quickly to chat messages without unlocking their devices. By long pressing the chat notification and then being prompted to either ‘reply’ or ‘mark as read’.

What’s more, in accordance with the Ray Baum Act & Kari’s Law devices are required to be able to direct dial local emergency numbers without having to add a prefix or access code. The 3CX app can recognise emergency numbers and “offloads” the call to the native GSM dialer instead.

Stream 3CX Video Conferences on YoutubeVersion 18 of 3CX has been updated to integrate with YouTube. Allowing users to present video conferences LIVE via YouTube as well as stream public YouTube content directly within a meeting. This feature requires an enterprise edition license.
Improved filtering on 3CX VC WordPress pluginThe 3CX Video Conference WordPress plugin has been updated to make publish 3CX webinar and registering customers easier. Allowing users to filter by published extension numbers, Keyword in webinar subject as well as set number of days in the future.

Based on the 3CX VC Rest API, users can customise the experience to fit individual needs and requirements.

New Call Flow DesignerAudio files that are generated through text to speech are now cached in the 3CX server. Meaning that users will save money as well as response time when playing the same text over and over. 3CX first checks for local WAV files for the same voice & text. If available the WAV file will be played, otherwise the text to speech operation will be triggered, adding the result to the cache.
Easily Parse CSV TextWith a new CSV Parser, users can easily convert CSV files into a table. Giving users an easier way to collect information like numbers or values from specific rows and columns. Making callflow validation, such as user ID and PIN numbers, that much quicker if the information is in a CSV file. What’s more, this can all be done without any C# scripting.

Get Started with 3CX!

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3CX Basic Training
Start your 3CX journey with ProVu. Registration is now open for our next Basic Training Course. Whether you’re new to 3CX or simply looking to brush up on your knowledge; this free to attend virtual course is a great place to start. Join us to learn about the basic concepts of getting 3CX up and running and develop techniques for basic troubleshooting.

Find Out More & Register

3CX Advanced Training
Ideal for those already familiar with 3CX. The advanced certification consists of seven modules which cover the more advanced settings of 3CX including Bridges, inbound and outbound routing, security and anti-fraud.

Find Out More & Register

Get in touch today to discover how you can upgrade your customers’ systems with 3CX. Call 01484 840048 or email

*Attendees are required to sit the relevant exam in order to become a certified partner, these can be accessed via the 3CX portal. To become an intermediate partner you will first need to complete the basic training course.

**The 3CX Partner Program is based on sales figures and certification levels, to find out more about the tiering system visit:

You Could be Missing Out!

Did you know, besides our award winning reseller portal, ProSys, ProVu also offers a multitude of services and features you may not be taking full advantage of.


Make your orders your own. Add your own branded marketing inserts or packaging to your orders and even your own logo to selected devices. Let us help fulfil your objectives through every step of the customer journey.

  • Device Printing – Add your own or your customers’ logo to selected devices.
  • Marketing inserts – Customise your delivery with leaflets, install guides, brochures or thank you notes.
  • Branded Packaging – Make your deliveries your own with custom logos and customised packaging, packing tape or unit packaging sleeves.
  • Branded Despatch Notes – Add your own branded letterhead, despatch notes and invoices to your shipment.
  • SIM fulfilment services – Personalise your SIM cards with your own branded packaging and let us take care of the stock, admin and fulfilment.


Boost your skills & understanding for some of the industry’s top brands. Take advantage of our hosted online and in person training courses. With a wide range of topics there is always something that can boost your teams skills.

With specific training courses in

  • 3CX
  • Algo
  • Snom Certified Engineer Programme
  • Gigaset
  • Sangoma Vega Gateways
  • Yealink
  • Mechanical Installation Courses for IP Access Control
  • Mechanical Installation Courses for IP Audio
  • Multi Cell Deployment Training – Radio Mapping
  • Onsite Sales Training

Device set up and installation services

Pick and choose what you need as and when you need it. Choose from pre-installation surveys, installation services & support as well as device management for existing, new and adopted devices.

  • White Label Survey and Installation available for 2N IP Access Control & IP Audio
  • Handset Pairing & White Label Survey and Installation available for DECT
  • Remote Installation of IP Audio / IP Access Control / VoIP Gateways
  • Video Conferencing Solutions & White Label Installation
  • Project Design Consultation, (PCI) Pre-Sale Compatability Investigation & Interoperability Testing
  • Device Management & Provisioning

Explore a full list of our services here

We’ve got your back! While we offer a host of services for you to make the most of if there’s something else that you feel could benefit your business, please feel free to get in touch. Speak to a member of our team today on 01484 840048 or email to discuss your requirements and how we can help you achieve more!

The Yealink BH72 NFR is Back and Better Than Ever!

Our exclusive BH72 NFR offer is back and better than ever. Extended to the end of June, you can get a mind blowing 70% off RRP on your purchase of a Yealink BH72 Bluetooth Headset with charging stand. Why not try it out for yourself with a massive £144 off RRP!

  • Up to 35-hours talk time
  • Retractable Microphone boom arm
  • Bluetooth & USB connectivity
  • 2 Simultaneous Bluetooth connections
  • Dual-sided busy light
  • Available in Grey & Black
  • Available in UC & Teams variant

Experience the Yealink BH72

Why not also take advantage of Yealink’s Spring Super Saver? With a wide range of Yealink’s latest headsets now available at a discounted rate. Until the 30th June 2022, save a massive 20% off the Yealink UH3X series & WH6X series headsets with no limits! What’s more, if you purchase over 200 units of the UH3X series or over 80 units of the WH6X series you will receive a FREE* BH72 Headset with charging stand!

Get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email to access these exclusive savings!

  • Qi Wireless charging station sold separately
  • BH72D Headset NFR offer available until the 30th June
  • BH72D Headset NFR offer is only available on BH72 Bluetooth Headset with Charging Stand
  • NFR products are subject to one per company
  • NFR offer pricing will be subject to change without notice

We’ve Been Shortlisted!

With the Pandemic and lockdowns feeling like a distant memory, there’s no denying the last couple of years have been challenging for many companies. While Covid is still around, it feels we’re adapting well to life post-lockdown and it’s great to see a return to a semi-normal state. With this, we’re incredibly excited to see a return of many of the Channel’s in-person events this year, including the prestigious Channel awards!

The Channel, while not hit as hard as other sectors is repairing itself, allowing companies across the country to come out swinging. With Teams giving everything they have, going above and beyond for customers new & old. Innovating their services and growing to accommodate the new normal. People have taken notice of everyone’s hard work with many Industry Awards starting to announce their shortlists. We are delighted to have been shortlisted for not one, but two upcoming awards.

Technology Reseller Awards

New for 2022, the Technology Reseller Awards cover all aspects of the industry; from AV, Cyber Security, Hosted Services and Software to name a few. The category we have been shortlisted in is Comms & Network Distributor of the Year and was based on reader votes. It’s always great to have your customers behind you and we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us, helping us secure a place on the shortlist! We’re looking forward to attending this ceremony in London on 26th May which will be hosted by comedian, Josh Widdicombe.

Comms Business Awards

Shortlisted for 2022 Distributor of the Year. These awards have long been a highlight in the Channel Calendar. Taking place in London on 21st July, the illustrious ceremony is often hosted by a well-known celebrity with previous hosts including Sir Lenny Henry and Jimmy Carr. It’s a real celebration of the great achievements throughout the industry and we can’t wait to be back there again.

We’d like to wish everyone shortlisted the very best of luck in the upcoming awards. As well as a massive thank you to everyone who voted for us. Your continued support means everything to us.

The ProVu Team

Why not explore our services that got us shortlisted? You never know what you could make use of!

Explore our Services Brochure

It’s Platinum again for ProVu!

We have done it again! We have been awarded Platinum Distributor status by Snom for the 3rd year running and as a long standing Snom partner we are proud to be Snom’s Number #1 UK Distributor.

What Makes Us Snom’s Number #1 UK Distributor?

1. We stock a variety of the latest Snom Deskphones, Handsets and Headsets, all of which are still widely available in light of the continued shortages.
2. Our Technical Support Team are on hand to help with interop testing, helping you to ensure your devices are compatible with your chosen platform.
3. We can work with you and your customers to help identify your ideal Snom solution and help build a complete package.
4. As Snom’s number #1 UK distributor you can access exclusive discounts and offers found nowhere else, including rebates of up to 40% when you become a registered Snom Partner.

Not a Registered Partner?

Want to make the most of purchasing Snom? Sign up today for FREE as a Snom Partner and get access to unique discounts and rebates. Plus, all eligible partners will receive a complimentary handset of their choice!

Sign up Today!

Our expert team are on hand to help you keep your projects moving. For more information on device availability or for recommended replacements for items with long wait times contact us on 01484 840048 or email Whatever your requirements, we’ve got your back!

Get Ready for Gigaset’s Monthly Prize Draw!

Gigaset Monthly Prizedraw

From the 1st May until the 31st October, purchase one or more Gigaset N870 Multi cell DECT base station and be entered into Gigaset’s monthly prize draw to win a Gigaset ION!

Gigaset ION

A UC handset built for flexible use. Get access to all of your communication needs wherever you are with the Gigaset ION. Featuring a DECT base station and personal speaker phone that has been developed to meet today’s UC user demands. Keep connected at home, in the office or on the go, by pairing the ION with Teams, Zoom or one of many other supported softphones to enjoy mobility without bounds. Switch between personal handset and handsfree speaker phone modes automatically, so no matter where you are or where you need to be, you have the flexibility to do what you do best.

Get more from the N870IP

Whatever the size of your deployment, the Gigaset N870 has you covered. Connect up to 250 handsets for larger deployments with Gigaset’s new and improved, ruggedised R700H or even the updated SL800H.

Benefits of the N870IP

Combining DECT base stations and a DECT manager in one, the N870 removes the need to purchase a separate DECT manager*, making it a more economical solution.
Each multicell system supports up to 250 handsets, 60 base stations and 60 simultaneous calls.
Using Gigaset’s Integrator VM, users can combine up to 100 systems which is the equivalent of 6,000 base stations creating a solution which supports up to 20,000 handsets and 6,000 simultaneous calls!
With compatibility across all recent Gigaset pro DECT handsets, users can select any combination of S700H, R700H, SL800H or Maxwell C handsets.

Why not check out our range of supported handsets & DECT deskphone

SL800H Maxwell C S700H R700H

Explore the N870IP

The Small Print:

    • Five prize draw winners per month
    • 1st May through to the 31st October 2022
    • Entries limited to one per company per month
    • Prizes will be drawn at the beginning of each month
    • Winning Resellers will be contacted on the draw date and where possible a Gigaset representative will deliver the prize in person