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Christmas Opening and Shipping times 2023

The festive season is almost upon us! With that in mind, we wanted to share more details about our opening and shipping times over Christmas and the New Year. During this period, we will continue to ship orders via APC and DPD.

Opening Times

Day Opening Hours
Friday 22nd December 9:00 – 13:00
Monday 25th Dec Closed
Tuesday 26th Dec Closed
Wednesday 27th Dec 10:00 – 16:00
Thursday 28th Dec 10:00 – 16:00
Friday 29th Dec 10:00 – 16:00
Monday 1st Jan Closed
Tuesday 2nd Jan Open as usual

Please be aware, we will be operating with a reduced number of staff between Christmas and New Year which may increase wait times.

Delivery Times

Avoid delays; the cut off time for collection on 22nd December is 12:15, orders placed after this time will not be collected until 27th December. If it’s important for you to receive your orders before Christmas please make sure they are placed by the 21st December at the latest. Or you can select a weekend delivery service for collection on the 22nd.

Order APC & DPD Cut off APC & DPD Delivery
22nd Dec 12:15 27th Dec
27th Dec 15:15 28th Dec
28th Dec 15:15 29th Dec
29th Dec 15:15 2nd Jan*
2nd Jan 16:45 3rd Jan

*Please note; no deliveries will be made to addresses in Scotland on 2nd January due to a public bank holiday.

Please note: Christmas is a busy time of year for our couriers and therefore this may lead to delays. If it is important that your orders are delivered on a specific day, we would recommend considering selecting a pre 12:00 service – please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

Snom’s NEW Dual Cell System

We’re thrilled to introduce the new Snom M500 DECT Dual Cell System. Designed with small to medium-sized businesses and home workers in mind, it’s a neat solution for areas where you want to keep cabling to a minimum.

Compatible with the M58 and M55 handsets, the M500 system can be easily installed through the connection of just one PoE cable. It really is that simple.

Featuring a unique paging system, the M500 allows you to easily connect to other members of the team and supports up to 8 phones and 8 simultaneous calls per base station. With the option to pair an additional base station, users can easily scale their system to support their business needs. As companies begin to assess their options in the lead up to the switch off, the M500 system offers a compelling option for the following applications:

Home Working


  • Experience the unique “Shared Call Emulation” (SCE) feature allowing for monitoring/viewing, answering, holding and transferring calls via programmable keys in the DECT environment.
  • Ensure your security with the latest encryption standards (TLS & SRTP)
  • Automatic configuration, zero-touch provisioning, and authentication through Mutual TLS (MTLS)

Discover the Snom M500

Ready to enhance your communication infrastructure? Embrace the Snom M500 DECT Dual Cell System for a future-ready solution.

Compatible Devices

Explore the M55

Explore the M58

Simplify Your Provisioning

Why not let us make your life even easier? With our automatic provisioning service, we can apply your preferred settings to the M500, meaning you can offer a true plug & play service to your customers with minimal effort. Speak with a member of our team today to get started.

Contact us Today!

Order yours today on our reseller portal, ProSys. To speak with a member of our team call 01484 840048 or email

Analogue intercoms: the end of the line

Unlock the benefits of IP technology

By the end of 2025, BT will have switched entirely to VoIP technology – migrating your customer’s intercom system from old analogue lines to a new IP infrastructure should be your number one priority.

We all know the switch-off doesn’t need to be feared – IP technology will open up a whole world of convenience and security for your customers. The first step in changing? Choose the right access control provider!

2N invented the world’s first IP intercom in 2008 – and they’ve kept setting industry standards for IP technology ever since: developing a range of versatile, premium IP devices such as luxury display intercoms, robust anti-vandal intercoms, and sleek single-button intercoms for residential homes.

Get Switch Off Ready with 2N

Why choose 2N’s IP intercom systems?

Fully VoIP Compatible
Forget proprietary solutions. All 2N intercoms and answering units support VoIP communication via the standardised SIP protocol. This makes the devices easy to register as an extension to any IP PBX or IP service provider – just like an IP phone.
Flexible and Integrated
Create a fully integrated access solution – 2N products are built on open protocols, so they’re easily integrated with all leading cloud/IP PBX platforms and can also be connected to VMS and other security platforms.
Modern and Convenient
2N’s VoIP-based door entry solutions offer advanced features that improve security and convenience – including HD video calling, remote access control, integration with mobile apps, and remote site management via a cloud platform – that last one will save you time and money!
If you want to expand your new 2N IP intercom system in the future – it couldn’t be easier! Adding new devices, upgrading existing ones to add new features – all of this is made possible thanks to the power of 2N’s IP technology.
Retrofit Ready
Working with listed buildings? 2N’s solutions are adaptable and ready to retrofit with listed buildings and those hard-to-reach areas where installing cat5 cabling could be troublesome. With 2N’s 2-Wire Converter, you can simply connect 2N’s IP products to the existing analogue cabling, allowing you to provide your customers with high-quality video, crystal-clear audio and many more advanced features.

Three ways to convert to IP

Whether your customers are looking to:

1. Install new cabling
2. Convert products to work alongside existing analogue cabling
3. Remotely manage and connect systems with 2N’s Cloud-based service, the My2N Management Platform

2N offers a range of possibilities for integrating IP access control with your customer’s equipment.

Get started with 2N & ProVu

Choose Market-Leading IP devices



2N IP Verso 2.0 – Dubbed the Unicorn of intercoms, this powerful upgrade to a best-selling modular intercom really shows off the best of what IP technology can offer your projects.

  • A wide-angle full HD camera supporting WDR
  • Multi-access technology support (RFID, PIN, Fingerprint, Mobile access powered by WaveKey, and QR codes)
  • Modular design: build the exact intercom you need using up to 20 modules

Discover it



2N Clip – Perfect for midrange projects, this 4’’ answering unit puts the power of IP in every home. Offering the same quality as you’d expect from all 2N devices – including reliable IP video communication – at an affordable price point.

Discover it

Switch Off With 2N

Save Your Spot!

Get in touch today to discuss how you can maximise the opportunities the switch off can bring with 2N and ProVu. With a range of services designed to ease the installation and support of these devices, we can help ensure a smooth transition for you and your partners.

Meet the Innovative 2N Clip

We are thrilled to introduce the revolutionary 2N Clip, a compact powerhouse designed to cater to the mid-range sector! This impressive device combines all the remarkable features of 2N’s premium products while maintaining a competitive price point.

Elegant design, unwavering reliability and unbeatable price. What more could you ask for?!

2N Clip

4.3″ colour display

Integrate existing doorbell buttons

Super fast installation

Remotely manageable from My2N Management Platform

Discover the very best in intercom design

Installation Made Easy!

Installation couldn’t be simpler, for a wall mount, all you need is to drill in two screws and ‘clip’ the 2N Clip to the wall. Easy and under 3 minutes! Did you know we also offer a white-label installation service? Speak to our team today about maximising your opportunities through these services.

Discover our installation services and more

2N Access Unit M Update

Great News! The 2N Unit M has been updated to now include a longer cable, from the old 30cm cable to the new 3 metre long cable. Making installations much smoother and easier.

Explore the Unit M

Register Today for our upcoming Partner Day

Discover the latest 2N devices and meet the 2N team at our upcoming partner day! Discover how 2N and our other vendor partners can support a smooth transition for your customers in the lead up to the ISDN switch off. Register for your free ticket today to enjoy a jam-packed day with:

  • Insightful Presentations
  • Vendors representatives on hand to answer your questions
  • A showcase of our sponsor’s latest devices
  • ProVu colleagues that can take you through our full range of services
  • Drinks reception and virtual clay pigeon shooting

All expertly crafted to prepare you for the biggest shake-up in the public phone network.

Claim your free place today!

Get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email to place your order today!

Win New Opportunities with Softphone Flexibility

Win more business with softphone agility!

Imagine if you could create an additional revenue stream with little effort. With Bria Enterprise you can! Powered by a multi-tenant management platform designed with channel resellers like you in mind, Bria Enterprise offers you the ability to equip your reseller partners with the system and products to easily offer Bria softphone licences to their customer base. Giving them the ability to maintain their own customer’s licenses. Helping you to tap into new markets through your resellers without having to do a thing!

Don’t miss out on winning new business with Bria Enterprise or expanding your offering to existing customers who need improved agility and flexibility in their deployments.

Speak with a member of our team today to find out more and get started on tapping into that new customer base!

Get in touch

Speak with us today to discover how we can help you to:

  • Increase your customer base through your reseller partners
  • Benefit from an additional revenue
  • Enhance your product offering

All with minimal effort and resources!

Find out more about Bria Enterprise

Try CounterPath Yourself, With Our Trial Licences!

Want to get started? Why not try out CounterPath Bria for free for 2 weeks. This is your chance to explore its extensive feature set, including voice and messaging, and see how it can transform the way you communicate.

Find Out More

Ready to Elevate Your Communication?

  • Request Your Trial: Simply get in touch with our dedicated team, and we’ll set you up with your FREE trial licences.
  • Personalised Demos: If you’d like a guided tour, we’ll be more than happy to arrange a demo at your convenience.

Speak with our team today about getting started with CounterPath’s Sub-Reseller solution. Our expert team are ready to assist and advise on the best options available to you. Call 01484 840048 or email to get started.

Are You Ready? Prepare for the switch off with Snom

Ask yourself the question: are you ready to make the switch off a simple transition for your customers?

We’re all aware of the changes that are coming, but how can you ensure you also benefit from the opportunities out there?

Having access to the right product sets and services couldn’t be more important as we head towards the biggest change to the UK telecoms network in our lifetimes. Established in 1997, Snom are pioneers of the VoIP phone. Based in Berlin, they’re switch off survivors. Having already experienced the transition in Germany back in 2016, they are ready and equipped to support a smooth transition within the UK.

Get Switch Off Ready with Snom

Why Make Snom Your Switch Off Partner?

1. Flexibility
There will be no one-size fits all approach when it comes to facilitating the switch off. Business and users requirements differ which is why it’s important to have flexibility in your product offering. Snom offer the best of both worlds with intuitive VoIP, DECT and NEW hospitality solutions.
2. Personalisation
To some partners, personalisation is a deal breaker. You could be working with a large corporation who want to brand their own devices, or perhaps you’d like to add your own logo to add a personal touch to your services. With Snom, you can easily make your devices your own with short lead times and low minimum orders, you can brand your devices for FREE!
3. Financing
With Snom as a Service, financing larger projects is simple. At a time when businesses are already feeling the squeeze from increased costs, a flexible rental model could offer a financial relief to those who need to upgrade in preparation for the switch off.

The Latest Snom Devices

M500 DECT Solution
Perfect for Small Businesses, Home workers & Hospitality Applications
Hospitality Phones
A New Range, Designed for the Hospitality Industry
Find out more

Find out more

Switch Off With Snom

Discover the latest Snom devices and support at the ProVu Partner day on 29th November in London. Register today to secure your free spot!

Save Your Spot!

Now, ask yourself the question: are you ready to make the switch off a simple transition for your customers and maximise the opportunities available to you? Snom and ProVu can help to ensure you have access to the products, support and services you require in the lead up to 2025 and beyond. Contact the ProVu team today on 01484 840048 or email to discuss the best Snom product for your application.

Your Switch Off Checklist

It’s estimated that around 33%* of businesses are still using ISDN as their underlying communications infrastructure. Collectively, the Channel has a big job to do. With our range of products and services, we’re here to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption for your customers, enabling you to maximise the opportunities that are available.

We’ve put together a switch off checklist to cover all bases when it comes to helping customers navigate the switch off.

Customer Types:

Budget Conscious/Committed to existing systems: Eager to Upgrade:
Whether there’s a reluctance to upgrade, complex cabling or budget constraints, the following product lines could be the key to these customers:

The switch off poses the perfect opportunity to upgrade outdated systems. We offer a range of solutions for those looking to explore different options:

The Cross-Sell

But that’s not all! For all types of customers, there are some crucial considerations that they may not have thought about when deciding how to proceed with the switch-off:

Routers and APs

Do they have the necessary hardware to support the new VoIP devices and ensure comprehensive coverage?

UPS Devices

Are their critical systems adequately protected and capable of functioning during power outages or emergencies?

IP Alerting

Have they considered the need for an IP alerting system to replace their existing one? Many overlook the connection between their phone lines and alerting systems.

Access Control & Intercoms

If they haven’t updated these systems recently, they may soon find them becoming obsolete with the switch-off.

With our range of technical services and support, these items can become a simple cross-sell – we can even arrange the installation for you. Or why not let us train your team or provide remote installation support. We’ve got everything you need to seize the opportunities that the switch-off will bring, ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your customers.

Explore all our services

Register Today for our upcoming Partner Day

Register today for your free place at our upcoming partner day on 29th November when we will be sharing more details of how we can support you in making the switch off a success for your business.Claim your free ticket today to enjoy a jam-packed day with:

  • Insightful Presentations
  • Vendor representatives on hand to answer your questions
  • A showcase of our sponsor’s latest devices
  • ProVu colleagues on hand to take you through our full range of services
  • Drinks reception and virtual clay pigeon shooting

All expertly crafted to prepare you for the biggest shake-up in the public phone network.

Claim your free place today!

Whatever your requirements are, we’ve got your back. Call us on 01484 840048 or email to discuss how we can support you in maximising your opportunities in the lead up to the switch off and beyond.

*Data source taken from Computer Weekly.

Make the Switch, with TP-Link Switches

We’re always committed to bringing you the latest and greatest in telecoms technology. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce a range of TP-Link switches to our portfolio. In an ever-evolving industry, keeping your network infrastructure up to date is not just a good practice; it’s a necessity.

TP-Link switches offer an answer to modern connectivity demands. Whether you’re looking to enhance an office network, manage a large-scale deployment, or need a compact solution, we’ve got you covered.

Meet the Devices…

TP-Link SF1005LP

  • 5-port Desktop Switch
  • 4 x PoE+ RJ-45 LAN Ports
  • 1 x RJ-45 Uplink Ports
  • Fanless Design
  • Supports PoE Power up to 15.4W per port
  • Up to 250 m data and power transmission

Find out more

TP-Link SG1210P

  • 10-port Gigabit Desktop Switch
  • 8 x PoE+ RJ-45 LAN Ports
  • 1 x RJ-45 Uplink Ports
  • 1 x Gigabit SFP Slot
  • Fanless Design
  • DSCP QoS for application traffic prioritisation
  • Supports PoE Power up to 30W per port
  • Up to 250 m data and power transmission

Find out more

TP-Link SG1218MPE

  • 18-Port Gigabit Switch
  • 16 x PoE+ RJ-45 Ports
  • 2 x Gigabit combo SFP Slots
  • DSCP QoS for application traffic prioritisation
  • Supports PoE Power up to 30W per port
  • Up to 250 m data and power transmission
  • IGMP Snooping

Find out more

TP-Link SG1428PE

  • 28-Port Gigabit PoE Switch
  • 24 x PoE+ RJ-45 Ports
  • 2 x Gigabit combo SFP Slots
  • DSCP QoS for application traffic prioritisation
  • Supports PoE Power up to 30W per port
  • Up to 250 m data and power transmission
  • IGMP Snooping

Find out more

Discover the Art of Possible with Plug & Play Devices

Let us make your router deployments a breeze. Did you know, we now offer router provisioning for the VR1210v-V2 and VX230v routers?

We’ve made the process easy – you select your chosen router create a provisioning template, and we handle the rest. Your routers will arrive direct to site, pre-configured, minimising installation time and avoiding potential setup errors.

Discover the Art of the Possible with ProVu today. Call us on 01484 840048 or email to speak with one of our experts about your networking requirements.

Seamless Setup, Zero Hassle! Remote Installations Made Easy

We understand that the world of technology is evolving fast, and you want to offer your customers the latest solutions quickly and efficiently. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our Remote Installation Service, exclusively for you.

Our Remote Installation Service is available for 2N, 3CX, Algo, and Sangoma. Whether you’re dealing with door entry and access control, PA systems, PBX setups, or VoIP gateways we’ve got you covered. Our expert team is ready to assist you with seamless remote installations, ensuring your deployments are up and running in no time.

What Our Remote Installation Services Include:

Sangoma Gateway Installation:
Sangoma Gateways are renowned for their VoIP conversion capabilities. We can help you configure these gateways to match your customer’s specific requirements, minimising the risk of installation issues and expanding your product offerings.
2N® Door Entry & Access Control Setup:
Tap into the growing door entry and access control market with confidence. Our team can handle the setup and configuration of 2N® door entry and access control products, so they arrive on-site ready to work without complications.
Algo IP PA Systems:
As IP PA systems face upgrades due to the ISDN switch-off, we’re here to help. We’ll set up and configure Algo’s units to seamlessly integrate with new or existing systems, complete with pre-configured settings like ring groups and hunt group multicast.
3CX PBX Setup:
Starting from scratch with a 3CX PBX system? Let our experts guide you through the entire setup process, including SIP trunk configuration, phone setups, IVR, call queues, and more. We’ll also provide valuable insights on safeguarding your systems against potential threats.

Find out more

Tell us what you’d like to see!

We’re always open to feedback! If you have an idea as to how our systems could work better for you, let us know. We’re all ears. Simply email to share your thoughts with us.

Simplify your installations and enhance your services. Get started with our Remote Installation Service and open up new possibilities for you and your customers. Simply call 01484 840048 or email to speak with a member of our team.

Grab Exclusive Offers Before They’re Gone!

Time’s running out! Wave goodbye to our current promotions on October 31st, so it’s your last chance to grab some awesome deals. We’ve got exclusive offers from the likes of Yealink, Gigaset, and Fanvil, and they’re all up for grabs right now. Don’t drag your feet; snag these fantastic deals before they are gone!

Yealink’s SIP Promotion

Don’t miss out on Yealink’s unmissable SIP promotion, offering you the chance to unlock remarkable savings of up to 15%* on an extensive range of cutting-edge Yealink SIP devices. Act now and seize this opportunity to elevate your customers’ communication experience.

Update* – Ends 31st December 2023

Find out more

Gigaset bundle of joy

Elevate your connectivity game with the ultimate combination of an N670 IP base station and 2 R650H handsets, all at an unbeatable price of only £159.00. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal.

Find out more

Gigaset’s Oktoberfest promo

Prost! Raise your glasses (and handsets) to the Gigaset Oktoberfest Handset Promotion!

When you buy 10 handsets of the same model, you’ll get the 11th one absolutely FREE. That’s right – it’s a classic “buy 10, get 1 free” deal, and it’s available for the R700H Pro, S700H Pro, and SL800H Pro handsets.

Update* – Ends 30th November 2023

Find out more

Fanvil’s Big Promo

We’re giving you the opportunity to receive a free Fanvil device! Ideal for any projects you may be working on, this amazing offer enables you to secure a free device for every 9 handsets you purchase. Enjoy cutting-edge devices and unbeatable value across the X3U, X4U, X6U, X7C, and V65 models.

Find out more

Fanvil’s Early Bird Promo

The offer that keeps on giving! The Fanvil early bird W611W Handset promotion has been extended. Benefit from a 32% discount off RRP on all W611W handsets, making them just £86 per device. The best news? There’s no limitations, each and every W611W handset purchased will have the discount applied! Place your order today and experience the very latest WiFi handset!

Update* – Ends 31st December 2023

Find out more

For more information or to take advantage of these money-saving offers please get in touch. Call 01484 840048 or email to speak with a member of our team.