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Which Algo IP Speaker do I need?

Looking for an IP PoE speaker solution? Algo has got you covered with the very best in wideband HD audio PoE speakers. Each speaker can be used in multiple spaces with varying applications, plus with voice paging and emergency audio/visual alerting important messages will be hard to ignore. Compatible with most hosted and cloud based VoIP systems, explore Algo’s great range of speaker solutions to find the best for your needs.

What if you already have existing analogue speakers? Save yourself time and money by integrating existing equipment with Algo’s IP paging adaptor. Whether you want to make use of what you already have or start from scratch, together with Algo we can help you find the right solution.

  • Public address (PA) PoE speakers.
  • Secure SIP using TLS and SRTP.
  • Multicast scalable.
  • Wideband HD voice for high intelligibility speech.
  • Dynamic volume control responsive to ambient noise levels.
  • Talkback capable speakers.
  • Customise WAV files for emergency notification / alerting and telephone loud ringing.
  • Configuration via user friendly web interface or auto-provisioning.
  • IEEE 802.3af Class 0, 48V 12.95W and IEEE 802.3at Class 0, 48V 25.5W.
    UL/CSA, FCC and CE certified.

Which Algo IP Speaker Do I Need?


Classroom, Lunch/Break Room, Office, Kitchen


  • Voice Paging/Public Address (PA)
  • Emergency Notification
  • Loud Ringing

Algo Solution


Offices, Common Areas, Cafeteria, Library, Retail, Restaurant, Healthcare, Transport Terminals (airport, bus & train stations)


  • Voice Paging/Public Address (PA)
  • Emergency Notification
  • Loud Ringing

Algo Solution


Any space requiring music


  • Music

Algo Solution


School Bells, Workplace Shift Change / Breaks, Hospital Visiting Hours, Retail Closing Announcement / Specials, etc.


  • Bell / Tone / Announcement Scheduling

Algo Solution


Gymnasium, Warehouse, Factory / Plant, Utility, Machine Shop, Garage


  • Voice Paging/Public Address (PA)
  • Emergency Notification
  • Loud Ringing

Algo Solution


Outdoors: Yard / Playground, Car park, Farm, Bus & Train Station


  • Voice Paging/Public Address (PA)
  • Emergency Notification
  • Loud Ringing

Algo Solution

Explore the Algo Range!

What’s more is you can benefit from ProVu’s expert technical sales team who can help you to build your ideal all-in-one solution or advise on the best ways to integrate Algo devices into existing setups. To discuss your requirements with a member of the ProVu Team please call 01484 840048 or email

Build your out of the box solution with Sangoma!

More and more businesses want a quick out of the box solution. With minimal hassle and high quality performance along with outstanding audio, Sangoma has the answer.

The P310 & P315 entry level deskphones offer high performance with enterprise grade audio all at a low cost. Alongside this Sangoma have also released their new PBXact license bundles, making it easier than ever to set up an out of the box solution en masse.

Discover all the features of Sangoma PBXact without the additional cost of the hardware with our new software license bundles. With three easy ways to purchase simply select from either 25 or 50 licenses to build your solution. You can then purchase individual licenses to make up the total number you require.

Find out more

Explore the P310

Discover the P315

Find out more about how you can benefit from Sangoma’s latest products and speak to one of our sales team today on 01484 840048 or email

Get exclusive NFR pricing on Yealink’s latest Headsets!

ProVu & Yealink have put together an exclusive NFR offer on the newly released Yealink Teams headsets. Boost your team’s productivity with dedicated Teams solutions, featuring a built-in Microsoft Teams button, as well as the crystal clear audio which comes with all of Yealink’s great headsets.

Yealink WH Series NFR Offer

Explore the latest devices to join Yealink’s Headset range, ProVu resellers can purchase one of each of the following devices at a significantly reduced price until the end of September 2021.






Place your order today!

Order today to take advatage of this exclusive offer! To place your order, please call 01484 840048 or email

BRAND NEW from Snom, the D7C!

Expand your Snom deskphones features with the brand new Snom D7C expansion module. With a high resolution colour display and updated user interface, the D7C connects to a variety of Snom deskphones including; D717, D735, D765 and D785. With a simple USB connection, the D7C expands on the functionality of these devices with an additional large screen display providing 16 physical & 48 virtual programmable LED function keys. What’s more, the D7C can be easily configured via the connected deskphone or from a web interface.

Ideal for the busy office that needs to benefit from quicker and direct communication with auto dial and forwarding of calls at the touch of a button!

  • 48 (16 physical) programmable keys
  • High-resolution colour display (6.8″)
  • Daisy chain up to 3 modules for 48 physical keys (144 Virtual)

Discover the Snom D7C

Get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email to order yours today!

Introducing the Sangoma P310 & P315 with an exciting Promotion!


Brand new from Sangoma! The P310 & P315 Business Desk Phones offering you a low-cost, high performance desk phone solution. Providing all the essentials you would need of an entry-level desk phone with the added bonus of enterprise-grade audio. Giving you access to a richer audio experience at a fraction of the cost.

What’s more, ProVu have teamed with Sangoma to offer you an exciting new promotion for you to take advantage of. Purchase 9 of either the P310 & P315 and receive a 10th FREE*! What is even better is that there is no limit on this promotion, so make the most of it and take advantage of the savings.



Explore the P310 & P315


Sangoma P310

Sangoma P315

  • 2.4″ backlit colour LCD display
  • 4 Feature Keys
  • Zero touch provisioning with Sangoma UC platforms
  • 2 x Kensington lock ports
  • Compatible with H10 & H20 Headset
  • 2.4″ backlit colour LCD display
  • 4 Feature Keys
  • Zero touch provisioning with Sangoma UC platforms
  • 2 x Kensington lock ports
  • Compatible with H10 & H20 Headset
  • Gigabit connectivity

Explore the P310

Discover the P315

To place your order please call our sales team on 01484 840048 or email

*The free device will be the cheapest device. Offer available until 30th September 2021.

Join the Upcoming Yealink Global Virtual Roadshow!

Join Yealink for the upcoming Yealink Global Customer Roadshow 2021 on the 24th June. When they will be joined by Microsoft to discuss the trend of communication and collaboration in the hybrid workplace. Together, Yealink and Microsoft will explore the challenges businesses might face with the future of work.

What you will learn:

  • Global trends about video conferencing and personal collaboration in hybrid workplaces
  • Insightful opinions from Microsoft & Yealink about hybrid workplace meeting experiences
  • Team and individual challenges in hybrid working
  • Microsoft & Yealink Teams Room Solutions to meet your needs
  • Microsoft & Yealink long-term partnership and product roadmap
  • Real-time Q&A
  • A chance to win one of Yealink’s latest products

Register today!

Get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email to find out how to level up your Yealink Portfolio today!

Save up to 55% with Fanvil’s Demo Kit Program!

Get ready to experience one of the fastest growing IP Handsets with Fanvil’s Demo Kit Program! Available until the 31st December 2021 you can now purchase up to two bundles to try out and explore Fanvil’s incredible devices at a reduced price!

With high end features and low cost you can now save even more using the Demo Kit Program.

Save up to 55% off the RRP across the selected Fanvil bundles, including office and hotel phones. Introducing you to the X3U, X4U, X5U, X6U, X7A, H3W & H5W. There is no better time to try out Fanvil!

Place your order today!

To take advantage of this great offer, simply call our sales team on 01484 840048 or email

How to Ease the Transition of your Yealink Devices Webinar

Ease the transition of your Yealink devices with our latest Yealink webinar! Hosted by our Head of Sales, Anna Maria Marzec-Smith, we will be covering the support and guidance we can offer to help you transition from Yealink’s now EOL T2 & T4 series, to the next generation of Yealink devices.

Register now to get our top sales tactics to identify and drive the unique features Yealink’s next generation brings to grow your customer base. What’s more, you will also get a sneak peak at Yealink’s upcoming devices as well as getting a head start levelling up your portfolio!
Topics the Webinar will cover

  • Transitioning your Yealink Devices – What are the replacements?
  • How we can support your transition
  • Top Sales tactics for identifying & driving unique features & benefits
  • What’s next – Products coming soon

Sign up today!

Get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email to find out how to level up your Yealink Portfolio today!

Join the Sangoma University for your free training

Hybrid working is on the horizon, as more and more companies begin to adopt this working style, Sangoma SBCs can offer a powerful solution to help you securely support this new way of working. Not to mention, they can also provide a cost-effective solution in preparation of the ISDN switch off.

Why not ensure that you and your team are ready for what the future holds and increase your team’s knowledge with Sangoma’s online university! These courses enable you grow your understanding of Sangoma’s solutions as well as Sangoma SBCs.

Best of all, these courses are absolutely FREE! So why not build your Teams knowledge and get a head start future proofing your solutions.

Sangoma SBC Essentials course

Broken into 9 easily digestable chunks, the SBC essentials course offers everything you need to get started with SBCs covering many topics, including:

  • How & Where to use SBCs
  • Sangoma SBC Models
  • SBC Network Topologies
  • Initial Setup & Configuration
  • SIP Profiles
  • Remote Phone setup
  • SIP Trunking setup
  • SBC security settings
  • Troubleshooting options

Why not also try one of the many other FREE Training course Sangoma’s online university offer and expand your teams knowledge and portfolio.

Discover Sangomas’s Online Courses

Need an extra helping hand? Order through us to get additional benefits!

Annual support contracts

Benefit from annual support contracts with ProVu, allowing you to access direct support for when you need us the most.

Extended hardware warranties

Get covered with our extended hardware warranties. Rest easy knowing your hardware will be covered for the duration of your contact agreements.

Remote installation services

Our Tech Team are on hand to remotely assist with your installations. Rest assured knowing products are up and running correctly.

Join Sangoma’s University

SBCs available from ProVu

Need to know more? Get in touch with one of our technical sales team member, simply call 01484 840048 or email

Gigaset’s new Mini Multi-Cell update might be the solution you have been looking for!

Did you know about the latest Gigaset N670 software upgrade*? Yes? Well did you also know what the upgrade means for the future of multi-cell solutions? Gigaset’s latest software upgrade allows the N670 base station to act in a similar way to a repeater, improving the range of Gigaset handsets. However, unlike a repeater, N670IP will work over IP, making it easier to install and configure without needing a power socket. All you need is a PoE enabled network cable and away you go!

Meet the Mini Multi-cell solution! A perfect solution for those that need to cover a larger area but don’t have the need for a full scale multi-cell solution.

There are now more benefits for using Gigaset’s N670:

Increase the reach of handsets (each base station has a range of up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors)
Supports up to 20 handsets
Repeaters would normally support 2 simultaneous calls, whereas the N670IP in a mini multicell setup will provide up to 8 simultaneous calls.
Same price range as a repeater
Easy installation with simple visualisation via web interface

Explore the N670

SL750H PRO Maxwell C S650H R650H

*Software version referred to is version 2.39.