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Tim Bray

Door Entry on Cisco Call Manager

If you are planning to use a protalk door entry system with Cisco call manager, then you may be interested in this.

Lionel Carter from Norisco Limited (a reseller in London) had this to say:

I got it all set up on our Cisco Call Manager. Pretty simple really, all works fine. Hopefully will get it installed into the new office next week when we have access to the existing latch mechanism.

M9 Clarification (UK stock)

The Snom M9 isn’t launched in the UK yet. Expected in a few weeks.

If anybody in the UK reckons they have M9s in stock then:

  1. They are grey importing EU versions into the UK ( so no UK plug, warranty or access to UK service centres)
  2. They are having you on. (this seems to be a common trick of etailers to get pre-orders on product)

Are few (less than 5) people in the UK have been testing EU versions of the product, but these are strictly not for resale.

We’ve had the product on order for over 6 months now (there have been a few delays) we’ll have UK stock from the first shipments out of Snom in Germany. As a reseller, you should always makesure you buy product from a Snom Certified Distributor (of which there are only two in UK).

So please can you tell me who has told you they have product in already?

I trust this clarifies, and please let me now if I can help further.

Portable IP Telephone


I hope you can help, last month I bought a Snom370 telephone through yourselves, and wondered if you have a SIP enabled portable telephone as an available option ? We have a team who walk between buildings covering up to 100 sq.meters. We have already tried the Snom M3, but this does not have a far enough reach from the base station.

You could try a Snom M3 Repeater. This will extend the range. If you can arrange the base station in the middle, and repeaters around in a circle then you can cover a huge area. Calls hand over between repeaters as you walk.

Other option is something like a Gigaset S685. The handsets have a `best base` feature where you can register a handset to more than one base station. You need to be a little bit clever with setting up SIP accounts. Each handset needs a SIP account for each base. These then have to be setup to all ring together. This solution does not allow handover while calls are in progress.

A long term option would be the Snom M9 phone. A roaming feature is in the roadmap for this phone, but probably at least 1 year away from launch.

Snom Repeaters with Gigaset Dect Phones

To fix problems using Snom Dect repeaters and Gigaset phones. (well, there is no problem, but some people seem to have problems)

We have today tested in detail the Snom repeater with every kind of Gigaset base with all the common firmware versions.

It has performed flawlessly. Exactly as expected.


1) It is easier if you switch the phone to prefer PSTN lines rather than VoIP. Then reverse this setting afterwards. Setting is in Menu, Settings, Telephony, Default Line. Set to Fixed Line while doing the registration. It does work without changing this setting but will display a VoIP error.

2) You need to enable Repeater mode on the base station beforehand. Menu, Settings, Base, Add. Features, Repeater Mode. You may need to disabled eco mode before repeater mode can be enabled.

3) You need to follow the manual registration method described in the instruction leaflet included with the repeater. Automatic registration appears to be only for Snom DECT bases.

Factory reset of DECT Siemens Gigaset A580IP, C475IP, S685IP

Resetting the base station using a key on the base station

All individual settings are reset. Warning, your phone will not function after this process and will need to be setup again.

The system PIN will also be reset to “0000” and all additional handsets de-registered


  • Remove the cable connections from the base station, both network and phone.
  • Remove the base station mains adapter from the socket
  • Press and hold the blue registration/paging button.
  • Plug the mains adapter back into the power socket.
  • Keep hold the blue registration/paging key (at least 10 sec.).
  • Release the registration/paging key. The base station has now been reset.

    You then need to start again with your device as if just delivered. You need need to enter all SIP details and register handsets.

Snom – Firmware Update (Snom300, Snom320, Snom360, Snom370)

Current recommended Snom firmware versions are:

6.5.20 (with linux 3.38 and jffs2 file system)
7.3.14 (with 1.1.3-s bootloader or higher)
7.3.29 (with 1.1.3-s bootloader or higher)

We do not suggest V8 for Snom3xx series phones unless you need OCS support or you are feeling brave.

7.3.29 seems to fix a few minor issues with long term stability. This is for users who take hundreds of calls per day and who use the DND feature. Has fixed a lot of people’s issues.

If you use Action URLs then please use 7.3.14 or 7.3.29. Otherwise you may have issues with call transfers.

Above my opinion based on supporting Snom phones in the UK.

We’re at Call Centre Expo – Tuesday and Wednesday This Week!

Quick Reminder.

Paul and Ian are down at Call Centre Expo in the NEC, Birmingham for today and tomorrow. They are joined by Nelly from Snom and Jeff from Sark.

Demonstrating the Call Reporting, Call Recording and High Availability add ons for Sark PBX together with QueueMetrics Call Monitoring Software and Snom VoIP Phones.

If you’ve not been lucky enough to get your hands on a Snom 870 Touch Screen Phone or a Snom Meeting Point Conferencing Phone. Head down and try it out!

  • Hall 9, Stand D37
  • From 10.00 to 16:30 Tuesday, to 16:00 Wednesday
  • Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC)
  • Entry is free, but you need to register beforehand at:

    Register Online to Attend Call Centre Expo