Snom Repeaters with Gigaset Dect Phones

To fix problems using Snom Dect repeaters and Gigaset phones. (well, there is no problem, but some people seem to have problems)

We have today tested in detail the Snom repeater with every kind of Gigaset base with all the common firmware versions.

It has performed flawlessly. Exactly as expected.


1) It is easier if you switch the phone to prefer PSTN lines rather than VoIP. Then reverse this setting afterwards. Setting is in Menu, Settings, Telephony, Default Line. Set to Fixed Line while doing the registration. It does work without changing this setting but will display a VoIP error.

2) You need to enable Repeater mode on the base station beforehand. Menu, Settings, Base, Add. Features, Repeater Mode. You may need to disabled eco mode before repeater mode can be enabled.

3) You need to follow the manual registration method described in the instruction leaflet included with the repeater. Automatic registration appears to be only for Snom DECT bases.