Changes to Snom part codes

On 1st April 2013 ProVu will change the part codes for Snom phones.

This is because snom are now offering phones without the power supply. We need partcodes for each phone for with and without PSU. We are also taking the opportunity to make our part codes more consistent with snom’s part codes.

We also want to make it clearer whether the phone includes a power supply or not.

Old Code New Code PSU included
PVSnom300POE snom300-withPSU yes
snom300 no
PVSnom320 snom320-withPSU yes
snom320 no
PVSnom370 snom370-withPSU yes
snom370 no
snom-710 snom710-withPSU yes
snom-710-noPSU snom710 no
snom-720 snom720-withPSU yes
snom720 no
snom-760 snom760-withPSU yes
snom760 no
PVSnom821 snom821-grey-withPSU yes
PVSnom821-B snom821-blk-withPSU yes
PVSnom870 snom870-grey-withPSU yes
PVSnom870-B snom870-blk-withPSU yes


For prosys customers the old part codes will continue to work for orders placed automatically (via XML or similar). The new part codes will appear on all invoices and order confirmations.

The old part codes will be shown alongside the new ones in automatic stock feeds until 1st May 2013.

All references to part codes in the order history etc will be updated to show the new part codes.

Long term, better for everybody to change to ordering with the new codes.

Any questions or concerns, please get in touch.