Differences between SARK and SnomONE PBX

I’m being asked which is better, SARK or SnomONE a lot at the moment. Rather than a Harry Hill style fight, I’d thought up a quick comparison list. I don’t believe either system is “better” than the other, they have their own advantages which work in certain scenarios. Horses for courses…

Advantages of SnomONE over SARK:

– 10 user version free and downloadable.

– Windows, Linux & Mac versions (nice easy installers for each although I’m yet to try the Mac version as I don’t have a Mac).

– software only (some people see this as an advantage)

– PnP snom phone config (even slicker than Adopt in SARK)

Advantages of SARK over SnomONE:

– complete solution inc hardware (some people see this as an advantage)

– supports any SIP/IAX etc… end point (snomone is basically snom phones only apart from the odd one or two periphery devices)

– extensible : you can write your own Asterisk code and modify existing code.

– 100s if not 1000s of 3rd party bits of software support Asterisk to do all sorts of things. Including call centre reporting, operator panels, call billing etc…etc…

– choice of telephony interfaces for connecting to ISDN lines.

– custom code gives options for much more complicated call routing scenarios.

That’s all I can think of right now, this isn’t an exhaustive list 🙂