DPD for bigger deliveries

Most ProVu deliveries are shipped using either DPD or APC.

Up until now, we have only used DPD for shipments which fitted in one box. For shipments in multiple boxes DPD was a special option and the prices were worked out manually by our sales team.

From today (7th March 2016) we will be offering DPD as an option for all deliveries up to 100 Kg. (about 50 phones).

The pricing is in ProSys and you can choose DPD from the drop down menu.

For larger orders, DPD tends to be a bit more expensive than APC. But we know some customers like the txts and emails that DPD can send to your end users to update on delivery status.

The background is that DPD is pricing based on the number of parcels in a delivery. APC price based on the total weight of the shipment. For DPD we have to estimate how many boxes each delivery will fit into.

As with all new services, we value your feedback. If you see something which doesn’t seem quite right, please get in touch. 01484 840048