How to: 2N Video on Snom Screen

The 2N door intercoms have built in XML that allows you to stream the video feed from the camera directly onto the screen of a snom phone (760, 821, 870 models only).
This works by getting a static JPEG image and refreshing it frequently to make it appear as a video.

The URL you need to use is:


** Make sure to edit the URL so that it actually contains your 2N units IP address **

Now you need to browse to the web UI of your snom phone and add your 2N intercom to the directory. In the number field, enter the extension number of the 2N (the unit it presents as its Caller ID). Then in the Action URL field enter the URL shown above. Click the Add button to add the directory entry.

Now when you receive a call from your door intercom, the video stream will be shown on the display of your snom phone.

Please note, we recommend that you have the following firmware versions on each unit as a minimum:

2N: 2.10

If you have any problems getting this to work, please email us at