Installing Sangoma cards with Asterisk and Dahdi on Debian Wheezy

My preferred method for installing Asterisk on Debian is by using standard Debian packages. I don’t want the hassle of re-compiling packages whenever there is an updated version or some security hole gets closed.

Step one is getting Asterisk & Dahdi installed and working.

Do this:

apt-get install asterisk libpri1.4 asterisk-dahdi

The country code for the UK is 44.

Now to get the dahdi kernel modules built, install dahdi-source and use module assistant to install the modules:

apt-get install dahdi-source

m-a a-i dahdi

Now you should have Asterisk & Dahdi installed.

Before installing the Sangoma Wanpipe drivers, you need to compile the Dahdi source (module assistant just compiles the kernel module parts):

cd /usr/src/modules/dahdi


The rest is the same as the standard installation instructions for Wanpipe which are here (scroll down to Sangoma Driver Installation):

In summary:

apt-get install automake autoconf libtool libncurses5-dev bison libxml2-dev cmake flex


tar xzf wanpipe-current.tgz

cd wanpipe-{version}/

./Setup install

and just follow the instructions.

Paul Hayes.