ProSys firmware provisioning

It has always been possible to manage firmware upgrades using our online phone management portal, ProSys. Support staff can do this very quickly by selecting from a drop-down box of available firmware on the portal.

What happens if you want a newer firmware, or just one which isn’t listed in the drop-down (yet!)?

Well, fortunately, it is possible to provide a custom setting in most cases to allow you to select the firmware you wish to provision to a device.

Proceed with caution…

You can use the “Quick entry” to add configuration settings to an individual device.
This allows you to add (key, value) pairs to the provisioning settings, giving you the power to provision firmware directly.

key value
snom firmware
Yealink firmware.url

Warning: If you are not sure you are doing this correctly, then stop! Speak to our technical team (, we are happy to help.

As always, feedback is welcome, so please do get in touch.