Prosys Firmware upgrade

Just a quick note to draw attention to new features we have added into ProSys for Snom firmware upgrades.

Prosys is our online toolkit for ITSPs to manage SIP phones

The features are:

– automatic handling of multi step upgrades
– Support for Snom 720 and Snom 760 phones.
– Support for a different target version for a version 7 Snom and a version 8 Snom.
– Different counters and times of day for version 8 and version 7. (for counted and overnight upgrades)

As seasoned Snom users will know, sometimes upgrades are multiphase. You have to do one upgrade then another in turn. This has always been something that ProSys has just handled but did you know it can upgrade a phone all the way from version 4 to version 8 ? And do the bootloader along the way.

So why the different settings for version 7 and version 8? Snom are now shipping phones with version 8 firmware as standard. Many ITSPs have large installed bases of phones in 7.3.30. Some customers have been upgraded their own phones to version 8.something. (Where something might be a early beta)

So the outcome is to leave all the version 7 phones untouched, but makesure any phone which is on version 8 is upgraded to the best stable version.

In the long term, all phones will get upgraded, but in the meantime service providers don’t want poor early v8 firmware reflecting on badly on their service.

We don’t want to change all these phones instantly during working hours. This is where an overnight counted upgrade comes in. We set a counter for each service provider; say 10 phones. Each night we reset the counter back to 10 so that 10 phones upgrade each night.

This way any problems can be discovered and rectified for a few users.

In summary, we can leave your version 7 phones untouched, but roll up version 8 phones to a version of your choice.

If the above is of interest, please get in touch.