ProVu launch Eartec range of affordable headsets

New to ProVu is the Eartec headset range. A simple and affordable headset solution which doesn’t compromise on quality.

With three models to chose from and a monaural/binaural version for each you are sure to find something suitable for your customer. Both offer high clarity audio and are compatible with a wide range of phones. The quick disconnect cable also ensures they are compatible with our entire range of IP deskphones and DECT handsets that have a headset port, simlpy by changing the bottom cable to match the connection type.

All of the Eartec headsets have been tested by the ProVu team and we are pleased to say we are happy with their performance and functionality.

If you’re looking for a standard headset which does the job with no fancy frills then the 308 range is the one for you. The no fuss, plain black design with the subtle branding means it can sit against any phone without causing a branding clash. The easy-flex boom means you have full control on the closeness of the microphone while the headset itself remains firmly in position. This model is great for anyone on a low budget in need of a headset for a normal office environment.

The 510 range surpasses the 308 with its noise cancelling and anti-static shock microphone. At a surprisingly affordable price you will once again find yourself choosing between a monaural and binaural headset. The semi-flexible boom gives you enough room for adjustment on this slim, lightweight frame. With the noise cancelling features this headset will be suitable for a moderately noisy environment.

EAR100/100D (USB)
A first choice USB soft phone solution; the headset itself sports an adjustable microphone boom with noise cancelling technology to ensure clear sound quality. Whether you prefer one ear piece or two, this is safe choice for someone on a low budget.