Recent ProSys Changes

There have been a few changes made to ProSys recently, our online ordering and phone management system.

– We have removed some old alias partcodes from the pricelist. For instance `snom320-withPSU` also as `PVSnom320` (its old partcode)

Customers who read out XML or CSV price fields are unaffected.

– We have removed the old order form from ProSys. The new one is much better.

– If you use an individual ProSys user login then the order will appear against this in our systems. Before, order confirmations and such always went to the default user on the account.

– Yealink v70 Phone Management web interface now available for use

The new interface is available if the phone last provisioned on at least v70 firmware. Otherwise, the older interface will be presented.

Any questions, then get in touch.