Snom – Bootloader Versions

Did you know there are two parts to Snom version 7 firmware?

1. Main application (with a version code like 7.3.14)

2. The bootloader (with a version code like 1.1.3-s)

Most Snom users keep their application up-to-date but the bootloader is often neglected.

How to Check:

  • Web browse to your Snom phone
  • Click onto `System Information`
  • View your bootloader version

Our Findings:

  • 1.1.3-s is OK
  • 1.1.3-m or older needs an upgrade

If no bootloader version is shown, your bootloader is archaic! It would be best to upgrade.

Old Bootloader Symptoms:

  • Headsets not properly detected
  • Extension keyboards not properly detected
  • Phones may not boot up when headsets or extension keyboards are connected
  • Snom300’s may show strange characters on screen during bootup

How to upgrade:

If your Snom phones are managed by ProVu, then we can carry out these changes through our provisioning server – please just ask us!

Otherwise, you need to load a firmware image containing a bootloader.