Snom – Compatible Wireless Headsets

A Snom Wireless Headset Adaptor is needed to make your phone compatible with a wireless headset.

We recommend and distribute the Jabra (GN Netcom) Wireless Headsets, GN9120 or GN9130.

However the following headsets are also compatible:

GN Netcom

  • GN Ellipse, 8837-90-xx
  • GN6210, 6210-0x
  • GN9120, 9120-XX-0X
  • GN9120, 9120-XX-1X
  • GN9330, 9337-508-10x
  • Jabra T 5330, 5317-408-101
  • Plantronics

    • CS60, 36995-02
    • CS70N, 39448-02
    • SupraPlus Wireless CS351N, 39986-02
    • SupraPlus Wireless CS361N, 39261-02

    More details can be found on the Snom Wiki Page.