snom M9r Repeater Compatibility

After a few enquiries recently regarding repeater compatibility with the snom M9r, we thought it a good idea to test this for ourselves.

I can now confirm that the RTX 4002 DECT repeater IS compatible with the M9r, providing that the snom phone is on the latest firmware version (9.6.2-a)*.

Follow the steps below to get your repeater and M9R paired:

1). Set the repeater in registration mode. Insert
the repeaters power plug for 1-5 seconds then remove it. Insert it once more and leave it powered on. The LED on the repeater flashes slowly after the start.

2) Set the base station in registration mode. Log in to the Web UI by typing the IP address of the M9R into your web browser

3) The LED on the front of the repeater should now be flashing quickly. If the LED flashes very quickly without
interruptions go to step 5. If the LED flashes very quickly with brief interruptions go to step

4) Registration of the handset:
If the base PIN has been changed, it must
be set to “0000”. You must repeat the registration procedure even if the mobile unit used was already registered at the base station, Now the LED should flash very quickly without interruptions.

5) Assign a repeater number:
You must now assign a repeater number to the repeater (selection: 2-7, for up to 6 repeaters). Please note that each number can only be assigned once, when using more than one repeater. These numbers are independent of
the DECT handset extension numbers.

Using the DECT handset, key in the repeater number followed by the * key – E.g. 2*. Press the green dial button, the repeater will flash the corresponding number of times to show its repeater number, then the LED will stay solid. Press the * key again to confirm and then the Red dial button to end the process.

The repeater will now be paired successfully with the M9R.

* More information on the firmware update procedure can be found on the snom wiki.