snom phones – which caller ID to use on inbound calls

There are several ways a snom phone can get Caller ID Name for an inbound call.

The first is from the Invite message of the inbound call from the sending SIP end-point. If a “Name” part of the Caller ID exists then this will be used by the Snom phone to display the name on the screen.

The phone can also get a name from it’s internal address book or an LDAP server if one is configured. However, it will only use this if there is no “Name” part of the Caller ID in the incoming Invite.

If you want to change this behaviour set this setting in the Snom phone’s web interface:

  • Advanced => Behaviour => Prioritise PBX Number Lookup

To “off”. Then an internal address book or LDAP server will take precedence.

More information here:

Snom Wiki


This setting has no been superseded. From software version use setting contact_source_priority

Information on snom Wiki: