Take advantage of the snom SCE Partner Program

Sign up now to the snom SCE Partner program and take advantage of reduced pricing across the snom range.

Although the snom SCE Partner program has been running successfully for a couple of years now, snom are about to launch the program with new training dates and new pricing later this year.

In the mean time any resellers that signs up with ProVu for the snom SCE partner program now can take advantage of the SCE Advanced, lower pricing level until 30th June 2014.

Signing up to the snom SCE partner program provides several advantages including:

*Lower SCE Advanced pricing level across the snom range
*Deal Registration to protect your projects
*Sales leads generated from the snom channel website
*Pre-sales and post sales technical support from ProVu and snom UK
*Marketing assistance from snom UK to help build your brand and generate sales leads
*Access to snom UK office facilities near Manchester for dems and presentations etc

What’s next?
Contact the ProVu sales team to register your company for the snom SCE Partner program. Simply call 01484 840048 or send an email to contact@provu.co.uk