Technicolor TG582 router refresh

The Technicolor TG582 ADSL router that we have sold for a few years has just undergone a slight refresh.

The old part code TG582NPRO is now out of stock.

The new part code is TG582N_SB.

This new model is identical in every way except it doesn’t have a USB port on the side any more.

The USB port could be used for:

    • 3G modem for backup
    • USB printer server
    • simple NAS with a USB hard drive

So be aware, you wont be able to do these things with the new version but everything else remains the same.

Our pre-configuration service for these routers remains unchanged as well.

We are also in the process of testing the TG589VN router which is a more powerful Technicolor router we think will be good for those using Fibre-to-the-cabinet services where the throughput of the TG582 isn’t up to the job. We should be launching this product soon. Worth noting that it does have a USB port on it.