Tesco Cancels VoIP Service – Unlock Gigaset Code

Tesco will be phasing out its VoIP service, provided by Freshtel over the next few weeks. The service will be closed down completely on the 27th April 2010.

Tesco offer Gigaset handsets to their UK customers when signing up to use their VoIP service. These phones are locked to the Tesco/Freshtel service.

As ProVu are the UK Distributor for Gigaset VoIP Products, we’ve been speaking with them to find out how we can help all Tesco customers who currently have a Gigaset DECT phone, which they cannot currently use with another VoIP provider.

Gigaset have supplied ProVu with a simple document instructing you how to unlock your phone, so that it can be used with an alternate VoIP account from an ITSP or with your PBX.

For instructions on how, please just visit: http://gigaset.me.uk/