Upgrading Sangoma Vega firmware from the command line

It is possible to upgrade the firmware on a Sangoma Vega gateway from the command line.

You can connect to it using telnet, ssh or a serial console cable. Note – the console cable is the same as a Cisco console cable.

To upgrade firmware you will need a tftp server running on the network local to the Vega gateway.

A free tftp server for a Windows PC is Pumpkin.

In Linux/Unix(/OSx??) install tftpd.

Place the firmware file into the root folder of the tftp server. Get the firmware from the Sangoma wiki.

The filename will be something like “VEGA_R100S043.bin” depending on which gateway it’s for and what the version of firmware is. Note that Vega 100/200/400 gateways use different firmware than Vega 100G/200G/400G.

Connect to the command line of the Vega gateway.

You need to tell the Vega where your tftp server is. They will usually look at DHCP Option 66 but in many cases you’ll need to manually tell it using this command:

    set .tftp.ip="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"

With the correct IP address! Then:


and if you want the setting to survive a reboot:


To do the actual firmware upgrade:

download enable
download firmware _filename_
reboot system

Where _filename_ is the entire file name of the firmware file in the tftp server root folder. E.G. VEGA_R100S043.bin