Yealink Provisioning: Common file mapping

This is perhaps more of a reminder to me for future reference, however, it may be useful for others too!

When a Yealink phone provisions, it requests a common provisioning file and a MAC specific one. The common one is referred to as such because each model requests a file which is unique to it.

Here are the Yealink models alongside the requested common files:

Model Common file Firmware code
CP860 CP860 y000000000037.cfg 37
T18P T18 y000000000009.cfg 18
T19P T19 y000000000031.cfg 31
T19P_E2 T19_E2 y000000000053.cfg 53
T20P T20 y000000000007.cfg 9
T21P T21 y000000000034.cfg 34
T21P_E2 T21_E2 y000000000052.cfg 52
T22P T22 y000000000005.cfg 7
T23G T23 y000000000044.cfg 44
T26P T26 y000000000004.cfg 6
T27P T27 y000000000045.cfg 45
T28P T28 y000000000000.cfg 2
T29G T29 y000000000046.cfg 46
T32G T32 y000000000032.cfg 32
T38G T38 y000000000038.cfg 38
T40P T40 y000000000054.cfg 54
T41P T41 y000000000036.cfg 36
T42G T42 y000000000029.cfg 29
T46G T46 y000000000028.cfg 28
T48G T48 y000000000035.cfg 35
VP530 VP530 y000000000023.cfg 23
VP530 VP-T49 y000000000051.cfg 51
W52P W52 y000000000025.cfg 25
W56P W56 y000000000025.cfg 25

Phew.. that should just about do it!