Yealink Security Advisory

Yealink have recently issued “Technical Bulletin 01/11” which advises on security vulnerabilities. The bulletin advises users to upgrade phones to the latest firmware versions and also gives advice on the importance of changing default passwords.

We have attached the Technical Bulletin and a link to the location of latest firmware versions,

ProVu Communications take the security of the products it sells very seriously and we would strongly advise that you follow the advice given by Yealink. If you need help or advice on any of these matters please do not hesitate to call our technical support team on 01484 840048

Additionally we may be able to help you deploy these changes to your Yealink handsets remotely using our Prosys phone management system. Prosys phone management will allow you to remotely access your CPE to change firmware versions and generate passwords amongst many other things. Again if you would like further information please contact ProVu Communications on 01484 840048.