2N IP Force Model Changes

You will already be aware of the large range of models available of 2N’s IP Force intercom.

2N have decided to simplify their range slightly by adding a HD camera and phasing out the 1-Watt speakers in favour of more powerful and easily audible 10-Watt speakers.

This means that a few ordering codes have gone, or will be going, end-of-life, to be replaced by the newer codes.

Old Model New Model
9151101 9151101W
9151101C 9151101CHW
9151101K 9151101KW
9151101CK/9151101CKW 9151101CHKW
9151101RP 9151101RPW
9151101CRP 9151101CHRPW
9151102R 9151102RW
9151102CR 9151102CHRW
9151104 9151104W
9151104C 9151104CHW

If you have already been ordering these new part codes, then nothing will change, however the 10-Watt speaker models have been running in tandem with the older models for a while, resulting in 10-Watt speaker models with non-HD cameras, 9151101CW for example, also going end of life.

We had some larger projects after this post was originally published where we were still able to get hold of the older models from 2N, however as of 31st December 2016 this is no longer possible – only the ones left in stock are available.

Please see our IP Force model selector to view current models.