Big Buttons, Bigger Impact – NEW Fanvil X305

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Fanvil X305, a purpose-built big-button IP phone designed to transform communication experiences for the elderly & vulnerable in nursing homes, hospitals, and any environment requiring a user-friendly interface.

The X305 Big Button IP Phone

3.5″ Colour Display: Ensuring clear and vibrant visuals for an enhanced user experience.

Braille on Number Buttons: Large and tactile buttons with Braille markings for the visually impaired.

Customisable BLF Keys with Pictures: Ideal for those with dementia, allowing recognition through images instead of just names.

Built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: Offering flexibility and connectivity options for various environments.

Supports 433 MHz Wireless Buttons: Providing an additional layer of protection and convenience.

Hearing Aid Compatible: Ensuring inclusivity for users with hearing impairments.

Explore the X305

The Fanvil X305 is not just a big-button phone; it stands out as the perfect solution for fostering inclusive communication among the elderly & vulnerable. With its considerate design and cutting-edge features, the X305 addresses the unique needs of the ageing population.

Moreover, the X305 can be seamlessly paired with the KT10/20 Wireless buttons, providing an additional layer of protection for at-risk users. In light of recent coverage by the BBC on the pause of the switch-off for vulnerable users, this solution addresses many of these challenges at a competitive price point. Contact us today for advice on how we can help you navigate the switch-off and ensure a smooth transition for your customers.

Compatible Wireless Buttons


These external buttons can be configured to alert connected systems to any emergency the user may be facing.

We understand the unique challenges faced by those in care homes and similar environments. The Fanvil X305 offers more than just a big-button solution — it provides a versatile platform for diverse use cases. Whether it’s dual-band built-in Wi-Fi for places that cabling will be difficult or a hazard, built-in Bluetooth for hearing aid connection, or the speakerphone feature for added convenience.

To learn more about the Fanvil X305 and how it can cater to the specific needs of your carehome projects, simply login to ProSys or contact one of our Fanvil experts today at 01484 840048 or via email at to place your order.