Connect the SARK 200 to analogue and ISDN2 lines

SARK 200 with Sangoma Vega 50 gateways

With the success of the SARK200 IP mini PBX for small business, we are pleased to announce two new bundle packages that enable the SARK 200 to be connected to analogue or ISDN2 lines.

By combining the brilliant SARK 200 together with the excellent Sangoma Vega 50 gateways we have created a complete VoIP solution with the flexibility to connect to PSTN lines for back-up and fail-over etc. Plus we firmly believe this bundle package is now the most cost effective and flexible VoIP solution available.

You can order the SARK 200 as a bundled package with either the Vega 50 4 port FXO analogue or 2 port ISDN2 gateway.

The following part codes have been added to the SARK trade price list:
SARK200-VS0114: SARK 200 +Vega 50 4 x FXO analogue gateway
SARK200-VS0117: SARK 200 + Vega 50 2 x ISDN2 gateway

These bundle packages are priced lower than when ordering the components separately and, in addition to that we will also throw in up to 1 hours free technical support to help get you up and running.

These bundled solutions are the ideal package for small businesses, providing all the benefits of a fully featured VoIP system combined with the security and back up of PSTN connections that are often of major importance to small businesses.

Pricing for the bundles are available on the SARK trade price list, if you do not have the latest copy just let us know at and we will email it to you.