CounterPath Bria Stretto User Licence


You may wonder what the options are if you have a customer that would like to use Bria Stretto on more than one device type. You may think that you will need to purchase a desktop licence and a mobile licence in order to use it on both devices. However, instead of purchasing each licence type required separately, we now distribute a user licence which allows users to login on up to four devices of any mix including mobile, desktop and tablet. This means that a user can log in and use the same extension on all four different devices providing the PBX supports multiple SIP registrations.

We have also recently introduced a new User pay as you go licence type. This licence is exactly the same as the User licence above, but it comes with a more flexible monthly payment option; you simply pay a fixed monthly cost without the need to renew or pay a separate charge for support.

When you order a Bria Stretto licence from us, there are two parts involved for ordering the licence required. There is the licence itself that you will need to purchase, followed by a compulsory support charge. The licence itself is a one-off cost, but the support is a recurring charge that must be paid annually. Please see the list of part codes for each licence type in the below table.

Bria Stretto Licence Type

Part Codes Required

Desktop (Windows/Mac)



Mobile (Android/iPhone)



Tablet (Android Tablet/iPad



User (4 Devices, Any Mix)



User PAYG (4 Devices, Any Mix – UK Customers Only)


Please note that failure to pay the mandatory support charge will result in termination of the service and you will no longer be able to manage/use your licences. Please ensure that you order the correct licence type as the licence types cannot be changed once added to the portal.