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We’re on a mission to ensure you’re never left in the dark, literally. Did you know that we thoroughly test each and every product we supply? It’s a win-win for everyone, we’re better equipped to provide the support you need, and you can rest assured any device you purchase from us has our seal of approval!

The Mylion Mini UPS; It’s small but mighty, ensuring businesses keep humming along. Whether you’re looking for a solution to comply with OFCOM’s requirements, or want to help your customers protect their business continuity for remote workers, we know end-users won’t welcome a big intrusive UPS device. Measuring just 112mm long (4.5 inches), we wanted to share a round up of what this small but mighty device delivered during our testing.

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What we found in our testing?

We’ve put the Mylion Mini UPS through rigorous tests to make sure it performs under various conditions as well as the most likely scenarios your customers might use it for:

Broad Connectivity:

We connected to a Technicolor DGA0122 router, with a laptop streaming video as well as three users accessing WiFi from desktop PCs, the UPS sustained over 7 hours of continuous use. This far exceeds the basic requirement, showcasing its robust capacity.

Extended Communication:

In another test involving a router and a 5V IP phone left on a call, the UPS powered both devices for over 5 hours. This duration is consistent for similar devices, indicating reliability in maintaining essential communications.

Suitable for home use:

The Mylion Mini UPS is also perfect for home use. In our testing, we connected a Mini UPS to a BT home router and it was able to run for up to 3 hours of heavy-use streaming TV and video games as well as a home office. Proving that the Mini UPS is robust enough to keep up with modern day-to-day use.

These findings illustrate the Mylion Mini UPS’s capability to provide much more than the OFCOM-required 1 hour of backup power, ensuring businesses stay operational for extended periods during power disruptions and maintaining that critical back-up for vulnerable users.

While we have tested the Mini UPS to exceed 4 hours we recommend that you expect up to 4 hours from the device. Depending on your consumption the power output could vary.

Explore the MU68W Mini UPS

For just £56.85 you can ease the transition to IP for your customers, and adhere to the OFCOM requirements. Supplied with an adapter kit, we’ve made it simple to connect any 12v or 5v device you want offer back-up power to.

Download our free White-label UPS video

We have put together a short explainer video to help you better market the Mylion mini UPS to your customers. Download the white-label version from our marketing section on ProSys or get in touch and we are happy to add your own logo into the video.

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Why Wait for the Next Outage?

Looking to try out a specific scenario for your customers? Get in touch and we will do our best to test your scenario before you buy.

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*The UPS devices we currently offer are suitable for low power devices – 12v & 5v. For connecting devices with a larger power consumption, please speak with a member of our team.