Drive Your Business Forward with EV Charging Solutions

Are you ready to accelerate your business towards a sustainable future? Fidelity Energy partners with top-tier experts to provide Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions tailored to you and your customer’s needs. With access to Europe’s largest and most diverse range of products, Fidelity Energy ensures your customers can charge all electric and hybrid vehicles.

Why Add an EV Charging Station to Your Business?

Boost Brand Reputation

Adopting EV charging points not only showcases commitment to sustainability but also enhances a brand’s reputation. By reducing emissions, businesses can position themselves as environmentally conscious leaders in their industry.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Stand out from competitors who have yet to install EV charge points. Providing this amenity demonstrates forward-thinking and attracts eco-conscious customers and employees.

Leverage an indirect revenue opportunity

Opening up indirect revenue opportunities for your business.

Make use of Government Grants

Take advantage of the government-backed Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), which offers up to £500 per socket to help cover installation costs. Additionally, there’s potential for £14,000 in government grants, making the transition even more affordable.

Generating Your Energy: A Powerful Partnership

Embrace the future and create a competitive advantage for your business today. Installing an EV charging point is a smart move that aligns with sustainability goals and meets the growing demand for electric vehicles. Fidelity Energy can even brand the EV charging points with your branding as well as offer comprehensive support, maintenance, and warranty programs, with over 150,000 charging points installed to date. Not to mention up to a sizeable 10% commission*!

Choosing Fidelity Energy for EV Charger Installation

Here are some of the unique benefits of partnering with Fidelity Energy:

  • Flexible Funding Options
  • Integrated Technologies: Including EV charging and voltage optimisation.
  • Data-Driven Proposals: Tailored to your client’s operations and priorities.
  • Expert Design & Installation Over 20 years of renewable technology experience.
  • Shared Marketing Assets: Promote your clients’ sustainability initiatives.
  • Long-Term Partnership: Supporting your clients from installation to a net-zero future.

Get in Touch!

Let’s work together to find the perfect EV charging solution for you and your customers. Contact us to learn more about our offerings and how we can help you drive forward into a greener future. Call us on 01484 840048 or email for an impartial discussion on becoming an energy reseller with ProVu & Fidelity Energy.

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*Commission value is subject to change and will depend on the complexity of the install.