Eco-nomically Powered: Fidelity Energy

We’ve been thinking a lot about the challenges we’re all facing with rising operating costs and the pressure to be more eco-friendly. It’s a tough balance, right? There is now an easier way to achieve this with Fidelity Energy.

Did you know there’s a straightforward way to open up green initiatives to your customers? With Fidelity Energy, you can tap into green energy tariffs that come from sources like;







Not only does this mean lower emissions for your customers, and maybe even your own business! It also shows your commitment to a healthier planet.

Why Go Green?

Zero Emissions: Businesses can report zero emissions for Scope 2 purchased electricity. Helping your customers to reach their sustainability goals.

Shrink That Carbon Footprint: Renewable energy tariffs reduce an organisation’s overall carbon footprint.

Show What You Stand For: Demonstrate your commitment to renewable and sustainable goals for you and your customers.

Boost Your Brand: Being known for doing good is great for business. It’s a win-win!

But Wait, There’s More Good Stuff

Working alongside ProVu & Fidelity Energy also gives you access to other green initiatives, including:

EV Charging Options – With the world moving towards electric vehicles, why not help your customers get ahead with their own charging points? Plus, there are grants to help with the costs.
Commercial Solar Panels – Whether buying outright or leasing, solar panels are a smart move for energy independence.
Export Tariffs – Generate revenue for any excess electricity produced by solar panels by selling it to the National Grid!
Voltage Optimisation – A little tweak can mean big savings on energy costs. Guarantee savings even before a tariff is due for renewal and increase the longevity of your customer’s appliances with Voltage Optimisation.
Project Management – Fidelity Energy can manage the whole project, from start to finish, for you.

Want to spark a conversation? Come see us!

We’d love to meet you at one of Fidelity’s upcoming Roadshows. It’s a casual space to chat all things energy and explore how you can make a switch to greener, cleaner power. Plus, we can answer any enlightening questions or ground any doubts you have.

Arrival from 11am

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Arrival from 11am

Lunch & refreshments

5pm drinks reception

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Save Your Spot!

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