Enjoy 20% Off on 2N Bluetooth Access Units and Modules!

We’re thrilled to share an exciting offer with you! From June 10th to November 15th, 2024, you can get 20% off 2N’s Bluetooth-enabled 2N Access Units and 2N IP Verso Bluetooth modules.

The Great Devices on Offer:

Access Unit 2.0

Access Unit M

IP Verso Bluetooth modules

Upgrade to 2N WaveKey Mobile Access

Upgrading your existing RFID networks to new mobile-controlled access, powered by 2N WaveKey, is now easier than ever.

What is WaveKey?

2N WaveKey is a unique technology that connects users’ mobile phones to a building’s access control system via a unique pairing PIN and the 2N Mobile Key app. With 4 different access modes, users can effortlessly enter any authorised door using their smartphone’s Bluetooth functionality. This ensures both convenience and high security, adapting to different access needs and preferences.

Benefits of WaveKey Mobile Access

1. Convenient:
No more forgetting RFID cards, keys, or PIN codes.
2. Flexible:
WaveKey-enabled units combine multiple access methods in one reader and feature four access modes: card, tap-in-app, touch and motion.
3. Fast:
Opens doors in 0.3 seconds.
4. Reliable:
Rigorously tested for months in a real-life environment.
5. Secure:
Encrypted in 2N’s channels; WaveKey uses adaptive algorithms and RSSi signal trend analysis to solve unwanted door-opening.

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Integrate with your preferred platforms

Seamlessly integrate with a wide array of third-party platforms, including industry leaders such as 3CX, Cisco, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, among others. This flexibility ensures that regardless of the specific platforms your customers prefer, you can leverage the comprehensive capabilities of 2N.

For those who are unsure of the compatibility of a particular platform, we encourage a visit to 2N’s Integration Hub.

Check the IntegrationHub Here

White Label Survey and Installation available for 2N IP Access Control & IP Audio
Difficult installation or don’t have the technical skill? We have you covered! We can arrange for 2N specialists to survey your site, recommend the best products and oversee the installation, all while providing onsite training. Speak to a member of our Sales Team to discuss your requirements.

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