Fanvil: End Meeting Clutter

We are super excited to share with you the latest from Fanvil. The Brand new Fanvil LINKVIL CA400 all-in-one conferencing solution. And guess what? We’ve got a special NFR just for you.

What’s in the Kit…

Let’s take a look at what is in the Fanvil LINKVIL CA400 Kit. It’s the brand-new, do-it-all conference system, perfect for those small to medium-sized meeting spaces. This system is crafted to make setting up conferences a breeze, ensuring you get crystal-clear communication that boosts teamwork and productivity. Here’s a sneak peek at what makes the CA400 tick:

  • MS10 Speakerphone: This isn’t your everyday speakerphone. The MS10 is a game-changer, with wireless screen sharing that makes presentations smooth and wire-free. Using built-in type-c to connect directly to a computer, the MS10 wirelessly transmits your device’s screen to the RC10 receiver hub.
  • RC10 Receiver: A key player for the CA400’s wireless magic, the RC10 keeps your connections solid and secure.
  • CM70 USB Camera: Step up your visual game with the CM70 camera. It delivers Full HD streams and is a breeze to use, making it an essential part of your meeting toolkit.

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And There’s More…

  • Clear as Day Voice Pickup: No more asking people to repeat themselves. The far-field voice tech ensures every word is heard loud and clear.
  • 4K Wireless Casting: Make full use of 4k wireless casting from the MS10 speakerphone.
  • FHD Video: Meetings will feel like everyone’s in the same room with our Full HD video streaming and 118-degree ultra-wide angle lens.
  • Compatible with Mainstream Platforms: Including: Teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex by Cisco, 3CX, Google Meet and more.

Your Exclusive NFR Offer:

We know trying is believing. That’s why we’re offering a special NFR deal. It’s your chance to see the CA400 in action, right in your own meeting space. From now until the 31st May get a massive 30% off RRP. Want to dive deeper into the CA400 or jump on this NFR offer? Reach out at 01484 840048 or email

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*NFR offer is available one per business and ends on the 31st May 2024