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Where will 2022 take your business? Hopefully to new heights and one way you can achieve that is by registering for our upcoming Yealink webinars. Where you can discover the very best in Yealink devices and find out what Yealink has in store for 2022.

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Boost your 2022 prosperity with our short webinar on Thursday 27th January at 11am, where we will be sharing key information about Yealink’s 2022 roadmap, including brand new, exclusive previews! Hosted by our resident Yealink expert and Sales Manager, Anna Maria Marzec-Smith.
    • Recap on the latest Yealink devices
    • What’s in store for 2022?
    • Trends
    • Expected product launches
  • Q&A

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But wait there’s more! Reserve your space today for Yealink’s upcoming annual Global event. Featuring the very best Yealink has to offer and exclusive information directly from Yealink on the launch of their brand-new Bluetooth Headset, BH7X and UH38 USB Headset. Don’t miss out and register today, going live on Thursday 20th January at 9am.

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