How to Convert Lifts for the IP World

While the PSTN/ISDN switch off date may have been shifted, it doesn’t mean we should switch off from it too. There’s lots to consider and it’s our job to support you to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. Read on to discover how we’re helping resellers like you to convert lift phones for the all-IP world.


Most lift phones are connected to PSTN or analogue lines. In the instance of a power cut, these lines are currently unaffected but what happens when the switch off takes place?

Without the right precautions and equipment in place, lift users could be left unable to alert others of their whereabouts and incapable of making emergency calls.

Now, we are faced with 2 options; replace the lifts entirely, or continue to use the existing equipment; we know which option the Finance Director would opt for!

Replacing a lift to address the switch off is unlikely to get the green light; the costs involved would simply not be economically viable. Offering to adapt the existing equipment, on the other hand could be your golden ticket.


There are 3 key components you’re going to need to convert lift phones to IP:




Here we’ve outlined 3 different set ups to select from:

1. The Budget Friendly Option

Using a Fanvil GA11 ATA and Mylion UPS, you can ensure users are able to make emergency calls in the event of a power cut. The ATA will convert the analogue phone to IP, while the Mylion UPS will provide back-up power to the connected router and ATA for up to 4 hours.

2. The Mid-Range Option

For those who don’t want to touch the buildings internet connection, why not add VoIP by installing a VoLTE router? With the TP-Link MR6500V and the addition of a 4G SIM card, lifts can be isolated from the rest of the network. Backed up by a Mylion UPS device, you have a robust solution to quickly adapt lifts with minimal wiring required.

3. The High-End Option

For those looking to provide back up for critical communications, we recommend the DrayTek LAC router range. With 4G backup, users will still be able to make calls, even if the exchange is down. Between the router and lift, there will be an ATA to convert the analogue line to SIP. This will then be backed up by a UPS to offer the most resilient solution of them all.


Our expert technical team are on hand to help you develop the solutions you require. With our project consultancy services, we can help ensure that your solutions will meet expectations prior to installation. Paired with our zero-touch provisioning and SIM Fulfilment Services, we can make sure your installations are a breeze. Talk to us today to discuss your requirements.

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When it comes to lifts, there will always be a third-party lift maintenance company involved. Before applying any of these solutions, we would recommend arranging a combined visit with them to coordinate the upgrade together. Who knows, there may be even more business opportunity to be had there too!