How to set-up JPEG stream on an IP bold door entry for a Snom 760

Here is a guide on how to set up a Snom 760 to be able to view the video stream from a Alphatech IP bold door entry unit.

1. Log in to the web user interface of the Snom 760

2. Go to Function keys

3. Select a key to active the video stream and set the fields to the following

Context —> Active
Type —–> Action URL
Number —-> http://IPADDRESSOFBOLD/snom01.xml ,
Short text —-> Description of button.

4. Once the following fields have been set click apply and then save.

5. To view the stream go to the Snom 760 and press the function key that has been assigned to active the stream of the video.

5b. To stop the stream press the X button on the Snom 760.