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Hybrid working is on the horizon, as more and more companies begin to adopt this working style, Sangoma SBCs can offer a powerful solution to help you securely support this new way of working. Not to mention, they can also provide a cost-effective solution in preparation of the ISDN switch off.

Why not ensure that you and your team are ready for what the future holds and increase your team’s knowledge with Sangoma’s online university! These courses enable you grow your understanding of Sangoma’s solutions as well as Sangoma SBCs.

Best of all, these courses are absolutely FREE! So why not build your Teams knowledge and get a head start future proofing your solutions.

Sangoma SBC Essentials course

Broken into 9 easily digestable chunks, the SBC essentials course offers everything you need to get started with SBCs covering many topics, including:

  • How & Where to use SBCs
  • Sangoma SBC Models
  • SBC Network Topologies
  • Initial Setup & Configuration
  • SIP Profiles
  • Remote Phone setup
  • SIP Trunking setup
  • SBC security settings
  • Troubleshooting options

Why not also try one of the many other FREE Training course Sangoma’s online university offer and expand your teams knowledge and portfolio.

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