Label Your Devices for Simple Deployment of CPE

For many years we have been provisioning phones on behalf of our resellers, in fact we’ve provisioned more than half a million devices! As good as our provisioning is, we understand that not everyone has the need for our service.

For our provisioning customers we apply a sticker with identifiable settings on to the box of each phone, this allows the user or engineer to quickly identify devices and where they need to be without any hassle.

We are now able to offer this to all our resellers even if you don’t take our provisioning services!

Simply provide us with the key settings you want to be included on the label and we will print and apply the stickers for you. Once the despatch has been processed we will give you a list of the MAC addresses and settings that have been allocated to each device.

For a small charge per label you can significantly simplify and reduce the amount of time spent deploying phones on site – saving your engineers or customers valuable time and money.

Find out more about config settings labels

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