New Vega 50 FXS Analogue Gateway from Sangoma

Vega 3050G 50 FXS Analogue Gateway

We are pleased to announce the launch of the next generation Sangoma Vega 3050G high density 50 port analogue gateway. The Vega 3050G allows connection of a large quantity of analogue handsets and devices to an on-site or hosted VoIP PBX. The Vega 3050G is ideal for environments such as hotels or hospitals where a company wants to move to SIP, without having to replace existing phones, install new cabling around the building or effect day to day business.

Along with the Vega 3000G this new gateway replaces the old Vega 5000 series and features a new lower price!


  • 50 Port FXS / 50 Simultaneous calls
  • Optional 2 ports FXO module available for emergency PSTN backup
  • Express setup (same familiar configuration and GUI as the Vega series)
  • Ideal for healthcare, hospitality and education industry sectors