Reasons why NOT to buy the German variant of the Gigaset DX800A for use in the UK

Over recent days, having tested a German variant DX800A purchased from two of the Amazon UK German traders I have discovered the following:

  1. Fixed line is only configured for ISDN, major issue for most UK users unless they are connecting to ISDN.
  2. Outbound call “line” Selection differs: when you make a call using UK variant you can select from DX800/IP line (if set up), Fixed Line (PSTN) & Mobile. For German variant you can only select ISDN, IP & Mobile. I looked through the Web UI and can find no option to enable the PSTN.
  3. German language menu settings as default (we know about this already and can be changed in the menu).
  4. German language for answering machine voice option prompts which cannot be changed. This makes the answering machine completely unusable to anyone that doesn’t speak German.
  5. Gigaset.Net doesn’t and can’t be used for outbound calling (refer to point 2, need to call via the DX800A which isn’t offered as a connection path).
  6. German PSUs.
  7. German language UG.

The UK version of the Gigaset DX800A is only available to Gigaset Pro Authorised and Certified resellers.

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