Recommended replacement products

Recently we have added lots of new items to our product portfolio but have also had to say goodbye to some old ones too.

A lot of the items do not have a direct replacement from the manufacturers, so here is a guide to our recommended replacements:

Discontinued products Recommended replacements
Gigaset C47 Gigaset C59H
Gigaset C475IP Gigaset C59H and Gigaset N300 AIP
Gigaset S68 Gigaset S79H
Gigaset S685IP Gigaset S79H and Gigaset N300 AIP
Gigaset HC450 ProTalk SIP doorphones
Cisco SPA-901 Cisco SPA-301G
Cisco SPA-921 Cisco SPA-303G
Cisco SPA-922 Cisco SPA-502G
Cisco SPA-941 Cisco SPA-303G
Cisco SPA-942 Cisco SPA-504G
Cisco SPA-962 Cisco SPA-525G2
Cisco SPA-525G Cisco SPA-525G2
snom M3 snom M9*

As these are not direct replacements some of the features may vary. Please check out the product information pages to make sure the items have all the features you need.

* Please note the snom M9 handset is not fully compatible with the snom M3 base and vice versa