Renaming of 2N’s IP Audio Products

2N has announced some changes to product names in their IP audio devices portfolio. The new product names better reflect the feature set of the individual products, so will give a better indication as to what the products do. Please note; only the naming has changed, the order codes will remain the same.

There will be a cross-over period in this time it may mean that although the product name has changed the items you and your customer receive may still have the old names.

Below is a table outlining these name changes:

New name Old name
2N Net Audio Decoder 2N NetSpeaker
2N Net Audio Encoder 2N NetStreamer
2N Net Mic 2N NetMic
2N Net Speaker 2N IP Speaker
2N SIP Audio Converter 2N SIP Speaker
2N IP Audio Manager 2N NetSpeaker Server SW