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“Sometimes I enter the office of a customer and just FEEL it – something’s brewing. A few weeks ago I was in the office of Provu in Northern England (, and “that atmosphere” was in the air. Laptop computers were installed when I came in, the PIKA WARP Appliance fired up – it wasn’t going to be a meeting around a table with a firm agenda.

Provu sells software called SARK. The people from Provu had a demo ready for me of their SARK software running on the PIKA WARP Appliance. The Provu people have spent a fair bit of time on the subject which explains why they were excited. Their software is available in various configurations of course and the smallest one is now almost converted to the PIKA WAR Appliance. And I was blown away; the feature set of their software is very, very broad, the software is responsive, the screens look good, wow, very, very professional.

But what I liked best is the remote management facility that the SARK PBX offers. The unit can be accessed by a control room for a sanity check, performance measurement and more. But you can also click through to every IP device connected to the PBX and do the same thing. This is what I call “Controlled Devices”!

So if ever you don’t want to spend the (wo)man-years on developing software at this level of sophistication you’re in good hands at Provu.”

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